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Be bold. Be pink.
Be bold. Be pink.

Makeup trends aren’t drastically changing for the upcoming season, but some subtle tweaks can keep you up with the latest looks.

Smoky eyes, red lipstick and bright shadows will remain on the scene, with trends looking toward matte lipstick instead of glossy lips.

Whatever you do, when you think spring, don’t think pastels.

Think bright and bold.

1 Eyes

Closer to spring, as the weather starts to warm up, rainbow-colored lids are on the horizon. Forget the pastels for spring; bright shadows like pinks, limes, yellows, purples and blues are forecasted. Meanwhile, the glittery disco eyes are still hot this season. Go copper, go silver, go shimmery.

2 Lips

Skip the gloss this season and go for the matte look in bold colors like red or pink. Rich, velvety red is still hot, classy and timeless — but make sure to downplay the eye makeup when wearing bold lipstick. Even the unexpected colors like oranges and purples will make appearances.

3 Lashes

Long, thick lashes are always glam. If you want to pay a pretty penny, check out eyelash extensions. If not, there are some fantastic plumping and lengthening mascaras on the market. Ignore the one-coat rule and don’t be afraid to cake it on. Just make sure to make it smooth and watch for clumps. Several coats won’t hurt — and it really works.

4 Skin

Sun-kissed skin not only hides flaws, but when done correctly, can give a healthy glow. Go for the sunless tanning lotions — they moisturize the skin while adding a hint of color. But make sure to steer clear from the “Jersey Shore” orange-tan look — overbronzed and fake-tanned skin looks cheap.

5 Face

Going natural is a big trend for spring. Make sure to take good care of the skin with cleansers and moisturizers when going this route. Matte powders and foundations are also forecasted as a big spring look. Beauty doesn’t get much better with flawless skin, a little mascara and some pale lip color.