Red fends off moisture the best.

It may not quite be rain season yet, but the wet-weather gear is already hitting the spring fashion shelves.

Maybe Colorado weather isn’t exactly known for much monsoon-like activity, but it’s always good to be prepared when stepping out in the unpredictable spring.

Here are five items to snag before those spring showers bring summer flowers.

1 Jacket

Nothing makes more of a statement than a sleek, fashionable rain jacket. Make it the outfit topper with a trench-style coat, a knee-length coat or a hooded slicker. Go with a bright, bold color to stay fashionable with the spring trends. Check out Mossimo’s zipper-front belted rain jacket at Target. It comes in red, ebony, gray, khaki, blue and aqua.

2 Hat

Getting that hair wet is a sacrilege. If you don’t top it off with protection, well, then there goes that hour you just spent styling it. Get a cute rain hat that you can stuff in your bag when you don’t need it. There’s no need to sport the boring Paddington Bear bucket hat — various designers are adding flair to waterproof hats this season with embellishments such as plastic flowers, bows and buttons.

3 Boots

Those rain boots you donned as a kid are all the adult rage this season. Go crazy and get a patterned pair and make them the outfit accessory. Check out Roxy’s Puddles rain boots, which come in various colors and styles like newsprint, polka dot, plaid, hearts and more.

4 Umbrella

With the typically milder Colorado spring, you can usually get away with a fairly smaller and flimsy umbrella. However, the plastic clear dome umbrellas are awesome, so you should definitely get one. Be in your own little bubble, all while covering the hair and being able to see where the hell you’re walking.

5 Ponchos

Maybe they aren’t very flattering, aren’t very fashionable and they may be a little cheesy, but ponchos have saved many an article of clothing when sprinting to class in the rain. These pieces of plastic are great because they can fit over a jacket if pelted with freezing rain. Plus, you can scrunch it up into a ball and stuff it in your bag.

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