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Savoy plays a sold-out show tonight at the Boulder Theater.
Mara Auster
Savoy plays a sold-out show tonight at the Boulder Theater.

It’s been a good year for Savoy.

The Boulder electro band released a new CD, sold out Friday’s Boulder Theater show and will open several upcoming Pretty Lights dates.

Savoy drummer Mike Kelly is excited about the group’s future, and he was ready to talk about his band with the Colorado Daily.

If you go

Who: Savoy, with Fresh2Death and J Flash

When: 9 p.m. Friday

Where: Boulder Theater, 2032 14th St.


Q: How did the members of Savoy meet up?

A: We all met at CU’s dorms in 2004. We were living in Williams Village.

We started out on instruments, and we had a passion and were committed to focusing our efforts to make something we really liked.

Q: Why did the band switch to electronic music?

A: We’ve always been very dance-oriented. We wanted to make music that people moved to on the dance floor, so we started producing our own music using synthesizers, computers and drum machines.

We were also going to jam and rock shows, and we saw that people were there to dance. We saw DJs and producers taking electronic music and producing it live.

Now we use live drums and computers to create our music live. I’m on drums, and Ben (Eberdt) and Gray (Smith) are on laptops and midi controllers at the shows.

Q: What’s happening with Savoy’s career?

A: We started producing our best material ever and we started getting bigger shows. We wanted to produce good music and deliver it live.

We’ve got to play Monolith with Passion Pit and Phoenix at Red Rocks, and we opened for Pretty Lights at CU. We’re going to play five dates on Pretty Lights’ new tour and that’s really cool.

It’ll be cool to represent our town at the Pretty Lights’ shows and to be part of something we’re into. Our audiences mesh well together.

Q: What records have you released for fans?

A: We put out Automatic last year and we put out an EP in February.

We’re going to release some tracks or an EP early this summer — and hopefully a full-length album by the fall.

Our music is always evolving and every song is more mature than the last one. The February EP touched on a lot of genres and sounds, and brought it together in one cohesive mix.

Our music’s available for free at That creates an awareness and hype for the music.

Q: What’s planned for Friday’s show?

A: We were hoping the Boulder Theater show would sell out — and it did. Now we can concentrate on the music.

The game plan Friday is to deliver. We want to play songs people know, but we’ll re-work them so they’re exciting and new.

We have a loyal fanbase, so it’s important to keep the music fresh and the experience new.

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