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  • The Chain Gang of 1974 plays CU s Club 156...

    The Chain Gang of 1974 plays CU s Club 156 on Saturday.

  • The Chain Gang of 1974 plays CU s Club 156...

    Luca Venter

    The Chain Gang of 1974 plays CU s Club 156 on Saturday.



The Chain Gang of 1974 is ready to show off its new CD, White Guts. That’s why the indie act’s playing a special Saturday gig at the University of Colorado’s Club 156.

Kamtin Mohager is the brains and sole member of the Chain Gang of 1974. Plus, he’s the touring bass player for the red-hot 3OH!3.

If you go

Who: The Chain Gang of 1974, with Air Dubai

When: 8 p.m. Saturday

Where: Club 156, University Memorial Center, CU campus, Boulder

Cost: $5-$8

The Chain Gang of 1974’s pulsating blend of punk and psychedelic sounds is creating its own audience. This is an act on the rise.

Q: How did you start your music career and the Chain Gang of 1974?

A: Since being a kid, I remember sitting in front of our radio and recording songs onto my cassette tape.

I began to teach myself different instruments and wrote songs in numerous bands. If David Hasselhoff can do well as a musician, than I can make an impact. Right?

I began this project in the beginning of 2007. It was a way for me to practice recording, I had a record’s worth of songs, so I decided to play live.

Something I’ve always stayed true to was allowing myself to create anything I wanted. I will never let a certain genre hold me back

Q: How’s the 3OH!3 gig going?

A: 3OH!3 came across some of my older songs and invited me to open for them at the Marquis in Denver. The next thing I knew, the local shows turned into a two-month support tour.

Towards the end of the run, they brought up the idea of having a full live band play with them. So I took time away from everything and joined their band.

It’s been absolutely amazing to see the world and play to thousands of people.

Q: What’s the new CD White Guts like?

A: I didn’t want to release something that I’d regret or was artificial. So I scrapped what I decided to write and wrote more the way I felt the Chain Gang of 1974 should write songs. I believe it’s my style, but presented in a different way.

White Guts perfectly demonstrates where I am right now. I’m just happy I was able to create a record that blended my favorite sounds and influences, creating this psychedelic, dance-punk record.

Q: How will you promote the CD?

A: Giving away music is something I’ve always been about. I’ve actually leaked White Guts myself.

The record will be taken with me on all the 3OH!3 touring. I’ll also be shooting two more music videos this spring. I’m running my old label now called Golden God, so everything I do will be DYI.

Q: What’s next for Chain Gang?

A: I will be going on a great tour this summer — one that I can’t announce yet — and performing DJ sets every night. I’m hoping the kids will be ready to experience something new.

With that, I’m already planning another record in September. So it should be a fun year.