Currently there are multiple groups on the University of Colorado campus that are campaigning for multi-stall, all-gender restrooms, i.e. restrooms that would be available for people of all genders to use.

These restrooms are badly needed and long overdue.

All-gender restrooms are beneficial for a wide variety of people, including parents with young children, disabled people with opposite sex caretakers, transgender people and anyone who has ever been hassled for being in the “wrong” bathroom because they don’t look like a typical man or woman.

No one would ever be forced to use an all-gender restroom. Male and female restrooms would still be widely available, free and open for use. All-gender restrooms would only widen the options.

Many people worry that all-gender restrooms would put women in danger. This is not the case. The female symbol on the restroom door does not prevent predators from entering.

All-gender restrooms can, in fact, be safer. A predator would have no way of knowing who might walk into an all-gender bathroom, unlike in a women’s bathroom, where one can be fairly sure.

For that reason, all-gender bathrooms would be less of a target.

All-gender bathrooms are not actually a new idea. So-called family restrooms have existed for many years without civilization collapsing. The only issue with these restrooms is that they are often in basements or other difficult to reach places, or they require permission and a key to use. This can cause inconvenience and embarrassment for people who only want to use the restroom in peace.

Multi-stall, all-gender restrooms would offer a more private, easier to access option.

All-gender bathrooms would present additional options for people who have traditionally lacked those options, and would not at all infringe on already existing alternatives.

Kris Mayer


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