At the Boulder County Assembly on Saturday, I was appalled by the behavior of some of my fellow Democrats.

Due to a procedural error — because of a miscommunication in when Andrew Romanoff could speak — Michael Bennet supporters were able to give their five-minute pitch a second time later in the program.

Romanoff supporters began jeering and booing — and it wasn’t just one person, it was more like a half-dozen. One person screamed, “You suck!”

In response to a speaker’s comment that he liked that Bennet has a family, a Romanoff supporter began booing and carrying on so loudly that a police officer (from Romanoff’s own detail) was quickly summoned to maintain order.

Others began shouting “Fascists!” in response.

That supporter may not have liked what he heard, but there was absolutely nothing mean about the remark, and it’s a completely reasonable argument that Bennet would be more electable because people could relate to him as a father and a husband.

Where did all this negativity come from in an otherwise fun pep rally for Democratic candidates?

I had my answer when Romanoff took the stage and opened with this humor: “Some people say Democrats are like cats. When they’re hissing in a back alley people think they’re fighting, but they’re actually making more cats. Let’s make more DemoCats!”

I couldn’t believe he’d just endorsed this nasty Tea Party behavior from his supporters. As someone who is not a rank-and-file Democrat, the nastiness, name-calling and ensuing nervous laughter did not make me want to be one. It made me ashamed. It made me associate Romanoff with the behavior of his supporters.

And it made me want to ask everyone to think a little bit about how their behavior reflects on the party as a whole.

Jessica Wittmer


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