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White Rabbits play the Fox Theatre on Wednesday.
White Rabbits play the Fox Theatre on Wednesday.

The White Rabbits are hoping to multiply their fanbase at the Fox Theatre on Wednesday.

The indie-rock band started out in Missouri, but now calls Brooklyn, N.Y., home. The White Rabbits are touring behind their latest release, It’s Frightening, and the group plans to show off its newer tunes to Boulder.

If you go

Who: White Rabbits, with Here We Go Magic

When: 9 p.m. Wednesday

Where: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St., Boulder

Cost: $15

“We decided to move to New York City because it’s the cultural center of the U.S. and we wanted to play in a challenged atmosphere,” vocalist/guitarist Alex Evan said. “At the beginning we were more of a progressive and rock ‘n’ roll guitar-based band. Since then, we built up a sharper sound on our last record and based it around percussion.”

Spoon frontman Britt Daniel produced the White Rabbits’ latest album — and the band’s pleased with the results.

“I’ve been a Spoon fan since I was 15,” Evan said. “After we put out our first record, Spoon offered to take us on tour. We developed a solid friendship especially with Britt, and we thought it would be fun to have a collaborative project with him.”

The White Rabbits will be pulling out a few tricks tonight. The rockers like to switch up instruments and create very unique versions of cover tunes.


Believe it or not, the band Archeology started out on a real archaeological dig.

Now the Portland, Ore., band’s digging up new ways to play its brand of indie, folk rock. The four-piece outfit hits the Larimer Lounge on Sunday.

“Daniel (Walker) and I had the same archeological field study class in college and we got to talking about music,” guitarist/vocalist Jason Davis said. “We had similar tastes, so we started working on this project. We were in another band and touring non-stop, but we decided to make Archaeology happen.

“We’re the creators and producers, and we’re very hands-on about every process of the music. We’ve infused alt- and folk in out songs, but a definite pop element runs through everything. We also pride ourselves on the lyrics and what we’re saying in the songs.”

Archeology’s latest CD, Memorial, came out this year. The band created an album that featured its signature sound, and covered deeper topics such as losing one’s faith.

The group also likes to give away its music.

Archeology is letting fans get a free download of its new single “Sundancer” at

“We’re also giving away all our old EPs for free,” Davis said. “Free is an important thing for us. We didn’t come from families with a lot of money, so we definitely want to burn CDs and give them away at our shows. If someone pays to get in the door, they deserve to get some thing.

“We also like to make our concerts a group experience. I love involving as many people as possible and making it a family atmosphere. By the end of the night, we have so many good friends!”

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