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Dovekins play a CD-release show Saturday at the Mercury Café.
Dovekins play a CD-release show Saturday at the Mercury Café.

Many local bands play the Denver market for a long time — and then hit the road.

The Dovekins decided to take a different route, steadily building up a local and national following. The group’s concert roster features gigs that take place all over the country.

If you go

Who: Dovekins CD release party

When: 8:30 p.m. Saturday

Where: Mercury Café, 1199 California St., Denver

Cost: $7

This band’s brand of old-timey, western swing and bluegrass music is taking off. That’s why the Dovekins are hosting a CD release party at the Mercury Café on Saturday.

Stelth Ulvang is Dovekins’ accordion player, and he’s exited about the band’s release gig and future.

Q: How did the Dovekins get together and what kind of band did you want to create?

A: We started out about a year-and-a-half ago, playing our first show with all of us at the Mercury Café in early 2009.

We all liked folk music, we all wanted our voices to be heard, all of us to be songwriters and to be involved. We all have to work really well together, and it’s important that we all have creative input.

Mainly, we want to be sincere in our music. Not that we don’t want to have fun — we just don’t want to succeed off of bullshit.

Q: How would you describe the Dovekins’ sound and originality?

A: It’s feel-good music, it’s barnstorm and it’s edgy children’s music. It’s still just folk.

Nothing we do is really original — we are basically combining everything that’s been done before, but across a bunch of different genres. We have different stories to share and different ways of going about communicating them.

We busk, play house shows, play for people who will listen, people who will dance, people who pay us and people who feed us.

We love to play, and it comes through.

Q: The Dovekins have an extensive tour schedule. How did the band develop a national following

A: We have a huge following in Jackson, Wyo. — there’s an open mic that the whole town comes to. The second time we came through, people were singing along.

It helps that we’re all from Fort Collins, Denver and Boulder, so we have our friends to back us up in each city. They are so supportive.

We are all travelers and have friends all over. In Portland, San Francisco and Seattle we have lots of friends there, will always consider those folks our kin — and support them anytime they need a show here.

Q: What’s happening with the band’s career?

A: We are all set to play the Tour de Fat for four months this coming June. We will be the “house band” and playing our own set in 13 cities around the west. It’s a big deal.

We also did a few shows with State Radio last fall. We’ve also gotten to play with Paleo, Vetiver, Akron Family and The Books.

We do it all ourselves and with the help of people around the country. We had a lot of fun doing it, too. The whole DIY thing can work well, as long as you help everyone else in return.

Q: What’s your pitch for the new CD?

A: This is a great time, as it’s our first full-length record.

This new album is achieving a lot of what we are live with a lot of what we can’t do live.

Dear readers, buy this record or else. We went all out and made the package, the art and the music’s worth having.

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