“A lot of earnest verbiage,” writes Cord McGuire his letter to the editor of April 26, “has gone into analyzing the so-called ‘tea party,’ most of it fatuous and overwrought.”

Having dubbed “a lot of” verbiage commenting on the tea party as “fatuous and overwrought,” he proceeds to call the tea partiers a “motley rabble of angry voters.” Yes, tea partiers may be made up of heterogeneous elements just as most American citizens are, but they are not by any means “rabble,” as McGuire calls them. The dictionary defines “rabble” as “the lowest rank of society.”

And all three branches of government are here to serve us, the American people. We the people are not here to serve our government. We want a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” not the other way around.

Charles King


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