As a student, recent news of oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico is worrisome and another reason to invest in less-polluting, renewable technologies.

This spill has started affecting Gulf fish and Louisiana’s coastal habitats and wildlife. Since it looks as though we don’t have the technology to clean up the oil spill fast enough, the 200,000 gallons that are now spilling every day are going to be burned off in order to protect the Louisiana wetlands.

The spill is especially relevant to CU since BP is a benefactor of our engineering school. For a university that has made significant steps to be more sustainable, we should use our sustainability efforts as a model to push big energy companies to invest significantly in renewable energy.

So long as CU continues to receive money from these companies, we should be demanding that they live up to our “Colorado Creed” expectations of accountability, respect and honor.

It’s incredibly tragic that disasters like this are still happening. We have the technology to transition to a clean energy economy. We just need big energy companies to invest in innovation and renewable technology to get us there.

It is time for the people to recognize that they have the consumer power and its time to stop letting these companies get away with faulty technology and underestimated possible disasters.

Laila Amerman

CU student