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3OH!3 headlines the Fillmore on Friday.
3OH!3 headlines the Fillmore on Friday.

Boulder’s 3OH!3 knows how to work its audience and churn out hit records.

The electropop duo is coming out of winter hibernation with a new hit single, “My First Kiss,” that’s the first taste of the band’s third album, Streets of Gold, which is due out June 29.

If you go

Who: 3OH!3, with Cobra Starship

When: 7 p.m. Friday

Where: Fillmore Auditorium, 1510 Clarkson St., Denver

Cost: $25

3OH!3’s fans were so anxious to hear the new dance track that they rang up 200,000 download sales last week. That pushed “My First Kiss” to the No. 9 spot on Billboard’s singles chart.

Now 3OH!3’s hitting the road with Cobra Starship to promote its upcoming record. It’s co-headlining this tour, but the Colorado homeboys are the featured act at Friday’s Fillmore Auditorium stop.

“It has been a crazy year,” 3OH!3 co-founder Nathaniel Motte said. “There were so many highlights. We sold over a million songs, and we got to travel to Europe, the U.K. and Australia.

“We didn’t except all this to happen, but we’ve also worked really hard to be where we are. Everything’s been happening at a fast and growing pace, and we’re comfortable with it.”

3OH!3 spent the past few years working with superstar artists such as Katy Perry and Ke$ha, but the local group has established its own reputation for coming up with fun and dancey tunes.

“We’ve taken all the knowledge we learned from writing and producing, and we applied it to the new record,” Motte said. “Hopefully, this record will sound more developed.”

Last winter, Motte and Sean Foreman retreated to the Colorado mountains to create Streets Of Gold.

The 3OH!3 partners achieved a fair amount of success with their last CD, but they wanted to up the ante with the new record.

“Sean and I got this big house in Breckenridge, and we brought all our gear up there.” Motte said. “We lived a pretty chaotic experience for the last two years, so the best thing to do was to retreat to the mountains and write.

“We started the record in Colorado, and then we went out to L.A. to finish and polish it. This record sounds bigger, more encouraging and more developed.”

Motte and Foreman set out to make a fun record that would resonate with their young fans.

“The songs on Streets of Gold are fun and poppy,” Motte said. “They’re also a little different and more challenging. We decided to explore more electronic sounds, but keep them in a pop format.

“We also tried combining different styles of music for this record. There are some throwback ’60s sounds and some rock sounds. I think the variety injects a lot of enthusiasm to Streets of Gold.

3OH!3 also is known for its tongue-in-cheek lyrics and wordplay, so the group refined those elements on the new CD.

“We’ve always been drawn to writing lyrics that have plays on words,” Motte said. “Overall, we try to meld and shape words, so they do interesting things. But we mainly like to have fun with the words.”

3OH!3 decided to release “My First Kiss” as the record’s lead single, and the band used its Internet savvy to promote the track. The song features rising pop star Ke$ha — which made this tune a very easy sell to fans.

For starters, 3OH!3 launched a Twitter campaign. The band invited followers to get a sneak preview of the song via its Web site and catch a glimpse of the Streets of Gold DVD.

“We wrote ‘My First Kiss’ a while ago,” Motte said. “We decided to make it the first single because it was a good re-introduction to our music and the band.

“It’s a funny song and it has this throwback feel like acid, surfer rock. We needed a girl to do the response on the song, so we had Ke$ha do it — before she was big. Anything that cross-promotes music is good.”

3OH!3’s promotions worked, because fans downloaded 200,000 initial copies of “My First Kiss” and landed the band on the Billboard charts.

“They tallied up our radio play and record sales,” Motte said. “To be in the top 10 is rad and amazing. It sets a good precedent for the new record.

“We’re going to release a new single every couple of weeks until Streets of Gold comes out on June 29. We also made a video for ‘My First Kiss.’ It’s a pretty visual thing and we incorporated a lot of our friends into it.”

In fact, 3OH!3 has just released the album’s second single, “Touchin On My,” and the band has a lot more promotional tricks up its sleeve.

For starters, Foreman developed an illustrated graphic comic to accompany the new CD. Plus, the band plans to bring its new music to the U.K., Europe, Japan and Australia.

“We also have some cool underground shows that we’re developing for Colorado,” Motte said. “We want to figure out a way to do some crazy, cool stuff for our local fans.”

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