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Meese plays its final show Saturday at the Bluebird Theater.
Meese plays its final show Saturday at the Bluebird Theater.

Local rockers Meese had a good run, but the band’s ending this chapter of its story with a Saturday night concert at Denver’s Bluebird Theater.

Meese had a solid five-year history and a major deal with Atlantic Records. However, the bandmembers decided that it’s time to try something new.

If you go

Who: Meese, with The Northern Way

When: 9 p.m. Saturday

Where: Bluebird Theater, 3317 E. Colfax Ave., Denver

Cost: $12-$14

“We’ve changed a lot as artists in the past few years,” band co-founder Nate Meese said this week. “Now its time to revamp the lineup and start off with a clean slate. All three of us decided it was the right time to make this move.

“Things weren’t really materializing for us this summer. We thought about making a new record, but we couldn’t get into it. That’s when we decided to try something new.”

Meese said he can’t reveal his new band’s lineup or name, but he predicted the group will be ready to perform this summer.

“The group will still have all three of us, but there will be more people in it,” Meese said. “There’s also going to be a musical change. The music will be a little darker and weirder.

“Now we’re ready to make Saturday’s show at the Bluebird a celebration.”

B. Dolan

Rapper B. Dolan will join forces with Sage Frances at the Gothic Theatre in Englewood on Monday.

Dolan is known for his talents as a rapper, performance artist, MC and activist. The hip-hop pro will be performing material from his latest CD, Fallen House Sunken City, in Denver.

“An important part of my hip-hop show is storytelling,” Dolan said. “That always helps you sharpen the skills. The new record also has elements of psych rap, for sure.

“The new record really amplifies everything I care about in hip-hop. It’s straight ahead, and the content covers everything from politics to the collapse of relationships. This show with Sage Frances is going to have thrills, chills and be spectacular.”

The Moog

The Moog is proud to be the first indie, Hungarian band signed to an American label. The group calls Budapest home, but it’s ready bring some rocking tunes to the Bluebird Theater on Friday.

The Moog was inspired by American music of the ’60s and ’70s. That’s why the group cranks out a poppy blend of alternative and punk tunes.

“We’ve always tried to mix all kinds of influences into our music,” singer Tonyo Szabo said. “We’d listen to artists like The Beatles, The Ramones and early Muse, but we always wanted to perform our music in English.

“We did a demo and I started to look for labels, but we mainly got responses from MySpace. We just did our sixth album in Seattle and we try to play the United States once a year. Our live shows are more intense and faster than the record — they’re more of a punk rock event.”

Dead Floyd

What happens when you fuse the music of the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd into one show? You get Dead Floyd.

Fort Collins’ Dead Floyd figured out how to meld the music of both bands into one solid night of music. Friday, locals can witness this innovative merging of sounds at the Fox Theatre.

“Everyone in our band’s been heavily influenced by the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd,” bassist Josh Miller said. “We’re a four-piece band, but we’re able to capture all the nuances of the different genres. The trick is trying to blend it all.

“We’re all accomplished rock and jazz musicians, but we do a more modern take on the music. We’ve created this fun little gig and word is spreading about our band.”

Dead Floyd makes a point to use music from both bands in every set, and the group tries to make every show a special event.

“We create an ambience at our shows and make it an event that’s specific to each venue,” Miller said. “We don’t just want to be a bar band. We’re learning as many new tunes as we can and we’ll be hitting some festivals this summer.”