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A cheap way to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend is to go camping, like this guy at the Rainbow Lakes Campground.
A cheap way to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend is to go camping, like this guy at the Rainbow Lakes Campground.

Almost a month into summer vacation and you’re still trying to recover from finals. Well Memorial Day weekend might be just the ticket to relaxation.

Enjoy a three-day mini vacation before summer classes and jobs are in full swing.

Check out these five affordable ways to take advantage of the upcoming weekend without breaking the bank.

1 Road trip

Grab some friends and an economy car and hit the open road. Split the gas and food money and sleep in the car. You only have a couple days but with the radio turned up and the wind in your hair, this is sure to be a trip to remember. Forget the map and just pick a direction.

2 Campout

Borrow a tent and take a hike. Don’t forget your fishing pole, it’s the cheapest way to get dinner. Or there are always hot dogs and s’mores if you can afford something more luxurious. Take your time getting nowhere before your life is sucked up by the responsibilities ahead.

3 An extreme staycation

Take staycation to a new level and coup yourself up in your apartment for three days. Order your favorite DVDs from Netflix and cuddle up on the couch with a pack of PBR and some popcorn. And if you’re really diligent, you might make it through the first five seasons of Lost and start to have some idea of what everyone is talking about.

4 Take a dip

Find a local pool to take a dip and cool off. Don’t bother with those pesky admission prices. Find yourself a local apartment complex and make it look like you belong. Mention how much cleaner the pool looks this year and the resident’s will be none the wiser.

5 Mooch

Your retired grandparents have a condo in Florida you say? Well I think it’s about time you visit. Give your Granny a call and tell her how much you miss her and — Bam! — you’ve got yourself a seat on the next flight out. Not only will you get some brownie points with mom, but you’ll get a weekend away and you won’t have to spend a dime. It sounds heartless, but it’s their job to spoil you rotten. It’s in the grandparents’ handbook.