Fellow Citizens play a CD-release show Thursday at the Fox Theatre.

The members of Fellow Citizens wanted to do something special to mark the release of their new self-titled album, so they decided to throw a party in Boulder.

Thursday night, Fellow Citizens will show off the band’s new tunes at the Fox Theatre. The lineup will also feature up-and-coming acts Candy Laws and Woodsman.

If you go

Who: Fellow Citizens CD-release show, with Candy Claws and Woodsman

When: 9 p.m. Thursday

Where: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St., Boulder

Cost: $5-$10

Fellow Citizens have grown into a seven-piece outfit that features players from Boulder and Denver. The local band’s post-rock sounds have earned the outfit gigs with national acts like Dawes, Akron/Family and Deer Tick.

“We started off two years ago as a four-piece band living on the Hill,” vocalist/guitarist Peter Goodwin said. “We were playing indie and folk music, because that’s what we were listening to. We got bored playing that, so we added a few more musicians and our sound grew and expanded.”

The members of Fellow Citizens aren’t satisfied to operate just one band.

The inventive musicians also developed an alter-ego band called The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact. The act even came up with identities such as Crash Davis, Eliot Ness, Robin Hood and Ray Kinsella — the names of Costner’s movie characters.

“We all have full-time jobs, but we spend all our free time with the bands,” Goodwin said. “We developed The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact as a side-project and we’ve already recorded an album. This project’s a shoegazer band and the music’s more ambient.”

Back in Fellow Citizens land, the band’s made a splash on the local scene. However, this group’s looking beyond Colorado and has planned a summer West Coast tour.

“We’re going out for two weeks,” Goodwin said. “We’re now hitting up anyone that can provide us with a floor to sleep on.”

Fellow Citizens will be heading out west to promote its new CD and show off its massive wall of sound.

“We now have a much bigger sound,” Goodwin said. “We’ve grown in size, our music’s sounding more epic and there’s a lot going on in our music. We have two to three guitars and five to seven vocalists, so there’s this huge orchestral quality to our music.

“We’ve been compared to bands like Broken Social Scene. There are definitely elements of rock, but we’re not a rock ‘n’ roll band. Our music draws on these post-rock elements and our shows are all about the experience.”

Fellow Citizens will be showing off tunes from the band’s new full-length record at the Fox.

“We wanted this record to show off the kind of chaotic energy that we put behind the rehearsals and the shows,” Goodwin said. “There’s a chaotic and beautiful energy that we all create together. It shows off the collaboration on the songs and the completely improvisational moments.

“We recorded this CD in the spur of the moment — we did it all in a week. Some of the music sounds Americana and some sounds thrashy. It goes all over the place and we hope we succeeded.”

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