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Time to find those perfect summer shades.
photographer Valua Vitaly
Time to find those perfect summer shades.

Maybe you want to look trendy, refined and sophisticated. Or maybe you want to ooze vintage, hippie and mod.

Whatever the case, let’s toss those brightly colored, reintroduced Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses and ship them back to 1983.

Sure, they’re classic and celebrated, but we say move on to a new trend. If you must do the Ray Bans, go for the vintage Clubmaster series. Now those are hot.

Aviators, pilot glasses, angular shapes, round and obnoxious is what will grace our faces this summer.

Yes, a pair of extra large Chanels would be awesome, but calm down. Target always has affordable knock-offs.

Here are five things you’ll want to look for in your new pair of sunglasses.

1 Oversize

Sunglasses aren’t shrinking. This summer, designers are going big again with the shades. This is great for more coverage, but it may not be so great when lying in the sun. Make sure you take them off to avoid huge raccoon eyes. When looking for a pair of oversized shades, think retro chicks of the ’60s and hippie girls of the ’70s. Check out Goodwill — you may find a vintage treasure.

2 Accessorize

Since sunglasses are accessories themselves, you might as well accessorize your accessory. Trends for summer shades include embellishments such as lace, jewels, wire, cutouts, bows, leather, straps and even zippers and chains. Just don’t go overboard — you don’t want to detract from that sweet mug of yours.

3 Lens colors

Lenses do not discriminate this year. Designers are pumping out styles with matching lenses/frame colors, various shades of tinted plastic and even the mirrored lens. Of course, use judgement when trying to choose the whole package. Perhaps plastic red-tinted lenses don’t go so well with the wire-gold aviator frames. Nor do mirrored glass go so well with oversized lime-green plastic frames. Choose wisely.

4 Frame colors

A nice oversized pair of black sunglasses with white trim go with just about anything. Sure, we know, you want to get a few bold pairs to stand out. Popular colors this summer are red, black and blue frames. But as long as the shape of the frames rocks and the outfit isn’t too overboard, you can probably pull off just about any color this summer.

5 Shapes

Designers have gone angular! Shape-wise, that is. Styles ranging from oversized graphic shapes to cat eyes to pilot sunglasses (almost along the fashion of Elvis’ signature gold glasses) to big square frames will shine this summer. Make sure to snag a shape that fits the face. Get a second opinion — you could possibly look ridiculous. Ask the salesperson at Sunglasses Hut or the woman in the trinket department at Goodwill. It will be worth it.

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