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A scene "Jersey Couture," airing Tuesdays on the Oxygen network.
Francine Daveta
A scene “Jersey Couture,” airing Tuesdays on the Oxygen network.

Summer’s a very interesting time for reality TV, because networks air programs they wouldn’t dare show the rest of the year.

Here’s some of the worst reality bombs of the summer:

“True Beauty 2” (Mondays on ABC) — It’s scary to think that TV pros Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks created this epic, but the show’s second season just debuted.

This season, contestants think they’re vying to be the new face of Las Vegas. However, they’re really being judged on their inner beauty.

That’s not a pretty thing for this self-enamored crew.

“Mall Cops: Mall of America” (Thursdays on TLC) — Take a bunch of dorky mall cops scoping out the biggest mall in America, and you have a recipe for a really stupid reality show.

These guys can’t even bust shoplifters. No, they can only charge them with trespassing. You’re better off renting the D-list film “Paul Blart: Mall Cop.”

“Dad Camp” (Mondays on VH1) — This show is “Tool Academy” for new dads. “Dad Camp” takes six losers and tries to transform them before they become baby daddies.

Where do they find these people?

“Jersey Couture” (Tuesdays on Oxygen) — Ever since “Jersey Shore” became a hit, there’s been a mad run on shows about New Jersey.

This epic deals with a family dress shop run by the Scali women. Watch them sell prom dresses, put on fashion shows and have pizza night — with their “Joisey” accents going full blast.

Watch us change the channel.

“You’re Cut Off” (Wednesdays on VH1) — This show takes nine spoiled princesses and shakes up their worlds.

The girls think they’re going to be on a reality show called “The Good Life,” but they’re about to be cut off from their family money and forced to live in the real world.

Boo hoo.

“Bridal Bootcamp” (Wednesdays on VH1) — Some women will do anything to fit into their wedding dresses.

“Bridal Bootcamp” features 10 brides going through a hard-core bootcamp workout prior to their weddings.

This bridezilla epic needs to be renamed “Dumb and Dumber.”

“Wipeout” (Debuts June 22 on ABC) — This is the show people die to be on. Yes, one contestant actually died after competing on “Wipeout.”

Now 20 new contestants will see if they can maim or injure themselves doing daredevil stunts.

Call 911.

“Breakthrough with Tony Robbins” (Debuts July 27 on NBC) — It’s bad enough listening to his infomercials, but now Tony Robbins is hitting the airwaves.

The long-winded advice guru plans to change lives via his challenges, but the real challenge will be staying awake during the show.

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