Stay dry, people.

After a pretty soggy weekend, how many of us learned that flip-flops and hoodies don’t stand a chance in a torrential downpour?

Now that it’s the rainy season in Colorado, it’s time to get some cute rain gear that actually protects us.

Granted, the hair will probably still frizz and, unless we wear HazMat suits, portions of us will get wet — but at least we can try.

Here are five things you need to be prepared for the rain.

1 Umbrella

You could be a total cheese and get one of those horrid hat/umbrella thingies and look like a tool on campus. Let’s not do that. Your best bet would be to get a mini umbrella that tucks away in a purse. Then when the sun shines, you won’t be lugging around a full-size umbrella all day. Just don’t make it too mini. If you have large hair like yours truly, it will get wet.

Try this: Red Ruffle Parasol Umbrella on Fine, maybe it doesn’t fold into your bag, but it’s cute as hell.

2 Waterproof mascara

We’re girls. We never know when emotions are going run rampant (neither do our poor significant others). Whoever invented waterproof mascara is a genius. Not only for us weeping willows, but when the rain comes and we are ill prepared, we can thank it for not looking like we’ve cried tears of black.

Try this: Waterproof Maybelline Volum’ Express. This mascara is one of my best finds yet.

3 Boots

As flip-flops are the staple for summer, they will not hold up in rain. There’s a danger of slipping as well as drowning the toes in puddles. Those colorful rain boots we wore as kids are still all the rage. Get obnoxious patterned boots, bold colors, or even the cute froggy ones with eyes. Your newly painted toenails will thank you.

Try these: Women’s black/white zebra boots from Target.

4 Jacket

Yes, it’s still hot out. But a rain jacket will be worth roasting in while walking to class. Ponchos can be great coverage and easily balled up and thrown into a bag, but you might as well look stylish while making that trek across campus.

Try this: Urban Outfitters’ Urban Renewal Rain Coat Peplum Jacket. It has three-fourth sleeves will keep much of the heat out.


5 Waterproof lotion

Even though it’s raining, the sun’s ultraviolet rays still make their way through the clouds and onto your skin. Unless that lotion you applied has a waterproof agent, it will wash right off.

Try this: Neutrogena UVA/UVB Sunblock Lotion. The trusted brand is not only waterproof, but is sweat proof, too, and will not block your pores.

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