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Robert Montgomery, the Boulder Stove & Flooring murderer, puzzled me from the beginning.

Also puzzling was the often-repeated hearsay that the “reason” for the murders was that he felt he was owed money. How is having less money than one expected in a bonus from an employer a reason for murder?

Innocent people need do nothing wrong at all to be robbed and murdered. For heaven’s sake, people get fired/get mad when they are fired/hate their boss’s new cars/become greedy and jealous of the greater money they perceive their bosses to have all the time. This is not a reason to murder them!

Only insane people murder their employers and then kill themselves! It just sounds like another Perry Mason novel I would call “The Case of the Envious Employee in Boulder.”

What compounds the horrible actions of this gutless murderer of Sean and Staci Griffin is that the descriptions of him left jealous and angry accusations in the air. Why print hearsay about two dead people from their despicable murderer? Feathers of gossip flying everywhere?

Now that Montgomery’s computer indicates he had obsessions with his fellow workers, and pasted pictures of his nude body part onto photos of other people, one starts to see his madness. However, he can never be tried in a court. Two murdered store owners, parents of a young girl, can never defend themselves from hearsay.

I continue to be very angry when hearsay fans the winds of journalism by printing gossip and blowing unretrievable feathers of mistrust towards Sean and Staci Griffin. Now that the police investigation is gaining knowledge of this terrible murderer’s weird sexual expressions, we can better look at the sadly bereaved daughter left without parents because of a scurrilous, jealous and crazy man?

Avery Griffin is a real, dear, warm, very alive 12-year-old girl who needs every bit of our love, now and in the future, rather than having to contend with winds blowing feathers of suspicion.

Louise Onyett-Love


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