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Hamilton Loomis plays the Boulder Outlook Hotel on Sunday.
Hamilton Loomis plays the Boulder Outlook Hotel on Sunday.

Hamilton Loomis believes in paying it forward, so the up-and-coming blues artist has found ways to offer his musical talents to communities around the country.

Friday, Loomis will make a return visit to the Englewood Correctional Institution. The musician enjoyed playing for the inmates on a previous visit, so he wanted to go back and host another concert.

The bluesman also will play a Sunday concert at the Boulder Outlook Hotel for his loyal Colorado fans.

If you go

Who: Hamilton Loomis

When: 7:30 p.m. Sunday

Where: Boulder Outlook Hotel, 800 28th St.

Cost: $10

The prisoners and the fans both enjoy Loomis’ modern take on the blues. The performer pays homage to his blues mentors, but he adds a modern twist to the genre.

“I started playing music when I was 14,” Loomis said. “I was schooled in old-school blues and rock, but I try to write for today’s audiences.

“I put a contemporary spin on blues and rock. I was a white boy from the suburbs, so it’s going to come out in my own style. I put a rock, soul, funk and R&B spin on the music.”

Along the way, Loomis was mentored by blues legend Bo Diddley. The veteran performer took a personal interest in the young musician, and taught him valuable lessons about the music business.

“Bo Diddley was an unbelievable mentor,” Loomis said. “He encouraged me to be original. He said I should innovate not imitate.”

Loomis also picked up tips from blues artists Clarence Gatemouth Brown and Johnny Copeland. The musician learned the fine points of the genre from the pros — and then added his signature sounds to the mix.

Loomis has built up a solid touring schedule in the U.S. and Europe. The blues artist captured the energy of his live shows on his latest CD, Live In England.

“The live CD just fell into my lap,” Loomis said. “I’ve been overseas six times and we’ve had a great crowd response in the U.K. and Europe. We thought it would be great to record a show.”

Loomis will be playing tunes from the CD for the prisoners in Englewood and at the Boulder Outlook Hotel.

“I started performing at the Englewood facility because I have a friend that works there,” Loomis said. “I’ve been wanting to give back with my music. I like the idea of playing at Englewood and playing for people that hardly get the chance to hear live music.

“I was astounded at the response and respect I got the last time I played there. It made me feel good to give back and share with such an appreciative audience.”

Loomis has also been hosting high school music workshops around the country.

“We just did workshops in Billings, Mont., and Sheridan, Wyo.,” Loomis said. “It’s a fun thing to do with the kids and it sparks something in them.

“We’re all pretty young in the band. When these kids see someone near their age pursuing their dreams, they get inspired. It keeps them playing music and it’s awesome to see them get inspired.”