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If you have a lunch date with Lindsay Lohan, congrats! But she might be late.
Virginia Sherwood
If you have a lunch date with Lindsay Lohan, congrats! But she might be late.

Rality TV is becoming very enticing to established music, TV and sports stars.

That’s why celebs Lindsay Lohan, Eva Longoria Parker, Chad Ochocinco and Cyndi Lauper are using the medium to boost their popularity.

OK, it didn’t work so well for Lohan last week.

Lindsay Lohan’s Whine Fest

Here’s the deal — if you don’t want TV audiences to see your flaws, then don’t sign up to be on a reality show.

Apparently, Lindsay Lohan didn’t get the memo on that one.

Last Tuesday, the troubled actress appeared on Bravo’s “Double Exposure.” The new reality show depicts the lives of celeb photographers.

The episode featured “Double Exposure’s” photography staff waiting all day for Lohan to show up for an 11 a.m. shoot. Insiders say the star was 10 hours late! That’s why the episode’s called, “Is Lindsay Here Yet?”

Lohan’s now tweeting that she was set up and was never told what time to show up.

Boo hoo. Lohan can’t even make it to court on time.

Score one for Bravo.

NFL’s Chad Ochocinco

Football star Chad Ochocinco got a taste of reality TV when he appeared on last season’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

Now he’s back for more.

Ochocinco just scored a deal with VH1 to star in “The Ultimate Catch.” The reality show debuts July 11.

The NFL star will choose from 35 bachelorettes that he meets up with at the Rose Bowl. The women will have to face tough competitions to earn the ultimate “Championship Ring.”

Merging football rules and dating will either work or bomb out on “The Ultimate Catch.”

Cyndi Lauper

“Celebrity Apprentice” has been the “golden ticket” for several of the show’s stars. Bret Michaels and Joan Rivers earned new reality gigs after scoring wins on the program.

Now it’s singer Cyndi Lauper’s turn.

Lauper bounced between ditzy and brilliant on last season’s “Celebrity Apprentice.” That intrigued “Survivor” producer Mark Burnett, so he’s developing a new reality show for the star.

The show will feature Lauper’s life in New York City. Things should get interesting, as the singer’s writing tunes for the new Broadway show “Kinky Boots.”

Eva Longoria Parker

“Desperate Housewives” are also getting into reality TV.

“Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria Parker owns LA’s glitzy Beso restaurant, and she wanted to produce a reality show based on the eatery.

VH1’s filming the TV star’s new program called “Beso: Waiting to be Famous.” The reality show takes a look at the restaurant staff and why they want to make it in Hollywood.