Jason Lanman is $500 richer after finding the Colorado Daily rock on Tuesday morning.

Wanna play?

We’ll be back with Week 4 of Boulder Rocks! on Monday morning. Pick up the Colorado Daily or visit for the week’s first clue — and your shot at $500.

Jason Lanman started looking for the Colorado Daily rock last week. And last week, he said, he was close to finding it.

This week, he found the rock near a bridge in Valmont City Park — and scored $500 in the process.

“It was the over-under that made me think of a bridge, and out east, where you can see the Flatirons,” he said, referring to the following clues.

Depending on your approach, I could be above or below your head.

From where I sit, the view of the Flatirons is truly spectacular.

The first day, the clue was too vague, he said, but he figured it was somewhere on the east side of town. On day two, he faired better.

“It was the first place I looked this morning,” Lanman said.

Lanman said he has plenty of time to look for rocks because at the moment, he’s homeless.

“I have a bike and a trailer — this was sort of planned,” Lanman said. “I was going to try to live without money or fossil-fuel vehicles, so I don’t have a car.”

Lanman occasionally house-sits or pet-sits for friends, so he hasn’t been outside all the time since he started this in January. But winning the money is helpful since he was running out from selling his car, he said. And it will help with his next endeavor.

“This is going to keep me carrying on,” he said of the $500 prize. “I’ve got a new idea, project that I’m working on, an all-inclusive political party.”

“Everyone’s going to have an equal say.”

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