Actor Jeremy London will star in the next season of “Celebrity Rehab.”

The reality news hit fast last week, so here goes:

‘Celebrity Rehab’

A few months ago, Dr. Drew Pinsky was ready to can his reality show “Celebrity Rehab.” It seems the doc couldn’t sign a new crew of Hollyweird addicts.

That’s all changed. Celeb rehab is now big news.

Pinsky just revealed some of the new “Celebrity Rehab” stars — and it’s going to be must-see TV.

Earlier this year, actor Jeremy London (“Party of Five,” “7th Heaven”) claimed he’d been kidnapped and drugged. Yeah, in his imagination. The performer just checked into Pinsky’s facility and signed on for “Celebrity Rehab.”

Season four also will feature crazed model/reality host Janice Dickinson, “The Hills'” Jason Wahler, former child star Leif Garrett, rich kid Jason “Gummi Bear” Davis and Tiger Woods’ ex-mistress Rachel Uchitel — who got dumped from the upcoming “Celebrity Apprentice” for joining this crew.

In breaking news, Julia Roberts’ brother/actor Eric Roberts also signed on for the show.

Could Lindsay Lohan be far behind?

Levi Johnston: Reality/video star

Media celeb Levi Johnston’s determined to be a reality star.

Johnston’s Alaskan bromance reality show didn’t pan out, so he’s shopping a program about his relationship with fiancée Bristol Palin — as in Sarah Palin’s daughter.

Guess who’s not a happy camper?

You betcha — future monster-in-law Sarah Palin.

Johnston just appeared on Kathy Griffin’s reality hit “My Life on the D List,” so the comedienne released a faux video pretending to be crushed by his engagement (see video below).

Finally, Johnston announced he would star in Brittani Senser’s music video “After Love.” It’s about a guy whose romance is ruined by his girlfriend’s mother.

Ring any bells?

I can see Johnston impaled by Sarah Palin from here.

More news

CBS announced “Survivor: Nicaragua” premiere on Sept. 15.

This season, “Survivor” promises innovative challenges and new ways to handle those pesky immunity idols.

Finally, the “Jersey Shore” cast held a mini-strike before filming season three. The crew and MTV made nice and settled the salary disputes.

Orange tans and drunken brawls will once again rule MTV.

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