No, the overalls aren t a good idea. Even if you re actually painting.

Remember that ridiculous outfit you wore to the seventh grade dance? Yeah, we’re all laughing.

Remember those high-waisted jeans you wore yesterday? Some of us are laughing now, but all of us will be laughing in 2014.

Since fashion comes and goes, choose wisely what trends you get into.

Otherwise you’ll hide this photo album under your bed like mine from the ’80s.

Here are five current fashion items that we just aren’t so sure about.

1 Ankle socks

The current trend of pairing ankle socks with heels on bare legs could be cute. The jury isn’t quite out. American Apparel has some super cute fold-over ankle socks with ruffled lace that could look cute with a plain heel. It’s when you start pairing the sock with open-toe sandals or peep-toe heels when we’re going to laugh at you. We all learned this from our grandmas — it looks funny.

2 Oxford shoes

Yes, they are the shoe of the moment, but I’m going to say it. I think they are ugly as hell (on girls). There are some styles out there that aren’t too clunky, but those two-toned clunkers you wear with that jumpsuit looks weird. Stick with flip-flops.

3 Braided belt

Oh people. Has Jerry Seinfeld taught you nothing? Those braided belts are cheesy. And they are so 1992. We just made way for all the crazy ’80s garb. Can we please hold off on the ’90s? What’s next, stonewashed and pleated jeans? Oh dear.

4 Oversized tees

Various designers have been pairing oversized T-shirts with skirts, skinny pants and shorts. They aren’t flattering. They look sloppy. I’m not saying you have to wear a chest-hugging leotard, but you would look better in that than a potato sack. Leave it in your boyfriend’s hamper.

5 Overalls

They just don’t do it for me. Are you painting? No. Are you at a construction site? No. Are you installing cable? No. Then cut off the top and stick with two pieces. Overalls can be cute sometimes, but it’s when the designers start pairing them up with heels and bows when they start getting out of control. Overalls were never meant to be dressy. Don’t do it.

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