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Boulder nightlife: Get your dude on at Boulder Outdoor Cinema’s ‘The Big Lebowski’ screening

Michelle and Chris Pietrzak relax waiting for "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" to start at the Boulder Outdoor Cinema in 2007. On Saturday night, the movie series will feature "The Big Lebowski."
Sammy Dallal
Michelle and Chris Pietrzak relax waiting for “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” to start at the Boulder Outdoor Cinema in 2007. On Saturday night, the movie series will feature “The Big Lebowski.”

What I’m about to share with you has shocked hundreds far and wide: I have never seen “The Big Lebowski.” Crazy, I know, because I have an odd affinity for bathrobes. But the time has come for me to be exposed to “The Dude.” This Saturday, the Boulder Outdoor Cinema is playing the film on their giant screen in front of BMoCA and since it’s free, I’m obliged to go, as are you. But please, no White Russians till after the show.

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Boulder’s got talent

I happen to be awesome at karaoke but when it comes to singing in front of people totally sober, well, that’s a completely different story. I have great respect for anyone gutsy enough to put themselves out there like that. If you are one of those people, head to downtown to The Cup on Monday for Open Mic Night and show the world (or a roomful of java junkies) what you’re made of. Three songs and a free beverage for participating!

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Mystery mastery

I watch waaaay too much “Criminal Minds.” It’s become borderline obsessive; to the point that I’m ready to submit my application to the academy should my services ever be needed. What can I say — I like a good mystery. That’s why the Boulder History Museum’s History Mystery Challenge intrigues me. Teams are invited to scramble around The Hill solving riddles about Boulder history. Forty-five dollars per person includes food and drink and the chance to win fabulous door prizes. Reservations are strongly recommended. P.S. If anyone from the FBI is reading this, I’m waiting for your call.

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Happy hump day

If you haven’t been to Bands on the Bricks yet this summer you’d better get with the program. This Wednesday is the last session of the outdoor concert series, featuring Funkaphino, a high-energy funk band. Make a night out of it by starting early at the Farmers’ Market (4 p.m. — 8 p.m.) and grab something fresh and local for dinner. Then amble on down to the 1300 block of Pearl by 7:00 p.m. for some tunes and an award-winning brew from the Tap House at the beer garden.

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Going Old School

Not everything “old school” should be brought back to life: scrunchies, acid wash jeans, mullets. OK, maybe mullets. Old School Happy Hour at Catacombs Bar, however, is a welcome blast from the past. Starting at 9 p.m. on Wednesdays, well drinks are only $1, PBR drafts are $2 and Long Island Teas are $3. And if you thought it couldn’t get better — it can! There’s also karaoke and the chance to win prizes. And if you talk to a staff member about getting a discount card, you can get happy hour all the time.

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