I almost choked on my organic chai this morning when I read that CampusReform.org has discovered “a strong liberal leaning at CU” (“Group targets CU profs’ Obama donations,” Aug. 16).

CampusReform.org also claims student groups reflecting liberal values outnumber those reflecting Republican values and American universities in general are dominated by liberals.

Given that universities are by nature institutions of higher “learning” and populated by teachers, scholars and critical thinkers, CampusReform.org‘s “discovery” shouldn’t be shocking to anyone.

Today’s Republican Party, and so-called conservatives in general, have devolved into a group, some or many, who “believe”:

1. The Earth is 6,000 years old.

2. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is a liberal plot to stop people from reading the Bible and is “refudiated” (thanks Ms. Palin — great word) by one of the stories in the Bible.

3. Global climate change is a myth.

4. Bicycles are part of a U.N. plot for world domination.

5. The 14th Amendment only applies to white immigrants.

6. The First Amendment only applies to Christians.

7. Evolution is only a theory.

8. Government should only be involved in protecting us from terrorists, brown immigrants, abortion and gay marriage.

9. Obama was born in Kenya and is not our lawful president.

10. Compassionate conservative is not an oxymoron.

11. This is a complete list of Republican foolishness.

What will be really shocking (and frightening) is if we someday find out that Republican values are the predominate values on any secular university campus.

James C. Bailey Jr.


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