A new semester is a new start for most students, and on Monday, those attending the University of Colorado will be getting another fresh start.

It’s a chance for students, faculty and staff to make resolutions and aim for the best.

“This year I’m going to all my classes,” CU graduate student Christopher Hamill pledged Thursday.

It’s a commendable goal he shares with many other students, while others, more realistically, simply vow to skip fewer classes this time around.

But as most students will admit, that’s a tough goal to reach.

Thursday, we polled CU students about how long they expect to make it before skipping their first class, and rounded up some of their best excuses for taking that first day off.


Exchange student

“In the U.K., it is more easy going when you miss a class and you can easily skip and make it up. Here, I’ll try not to skip as much, but if I’m good this semester, I’ll probably give myself a break toward the end of the semester.”


Graduate student

“I’m not planning on skipping at all because I’m paying for my own education this time. It would end up costing me to skip and I don’t want to pay for sleep.”



“I’ll probably skip when we get the first snow so I can go outside and play. Snowball fights, sledding and snowboarding are much more fun then going to classes.”



“I’ll probably make it until like the sixth week or so, around a month and a half, before I skip. I have a 9 a.m. class, so that’s probably going to be the first one to skip to get some extra sleep. I might have to skip that one occasionally.”



“I’ll start skipping in the winter season so I can take a long weekend with friends and go to a cabin to hang out and enjoy the cold whether or something like that.”