The last weekend: 5 ways to squeeze out the last bits of summer
The last weekend: 5 ways to squeeze out the last bits of summer

If you’re a University of Colorado student, this could be your last weekend of freedom for a while.

Yeah, you’ll be cutting class by the first week of September. Truant.

Still, summer shouldn’t go out with a pop and fizzle. It should go out in a blaze of outdoor glory. With a side of debauchery. (You have energy to burn, young ones.)

Or be lazy. It’s fine. We just won’t respect you in the morning.

If you’re banking on a blaze — and want that a.m. respect — try one of these five suggestions for milking the last of summer’s sweet nectar:

1 Link it up

Don’t just go climbing or biking or running. Do it all.

There’s so much to do here, it’s easy to put together a sick link-up — like the longtime locals who did the Sickbird Loop earlier this summer. It’s a climbing, cycling and kayaking gnar-fest in Eldo that you probably shouldn’t try.

But let it serve as inspiration for your own crazy link-up.

For the lazy link-up, include your couch, frozen pizza and the shows you’ve been collecting on DVR all summer. Be sure to leave your self-respect on the kitchen counter with the pizza box (you’re too lazy to throw it in the trash) when you’re done.

2 Road trip

Get the hell out of Dodge, cowboy.

Speaking of cowboys, Wyoming isn’t far away. Go check out the Medicine Bow Range for some gorgeous hiking and camping.

Side note: When you get to Wyoming, resist the temptation to drop out of school to become a rodeo clown. (Someone I know actually did this. Inexplicable. Even when it sucks, stay in school.)

3 Go high

Summer is short in the high country. Catch the last of it by heading to Estes Park to climb, to the Sourdough or West Magnolia trails to mountain bike or to the Indian Peaks to trail run or hike.

Or go to Dr. Reefer.

No, no, I kid, not that kind of high! This is about outdoorsy, athletic, endurance-type stuff. Then again, if you’re one of those type-A outdoor athletes who uses sport to burn off your anxiety, some “meds” could help with that…

4 Pull an all-nighter

Use that fresh fall-semester energy to do something that requires a middle-of-the-night start. Maybe this is your weekend to finally haul your cookies up Longs Peak. Or sneak into the Leadville 100 (run) this weekend. Or ride a marathon stretch of the Colorado Trail.

It’s good practice for those all-night study seshes you’re going to pull later in the semester.

Oh boy, my rice-milk latte almost sprayed out of my nose just now. Like you’d study. Or read.

5 Go out with a bang

Pop quiz: What’s a sex ledge?

Answer: Something other climbers stand on to give their partner a belay.

“Be-lay.” Heh. Maturity is so overrated. Especially when you’ve been watching your partner climb in those tiny Verve shorts all summer.

Whatever you use that ledge for, please remember: Smart climbers always use protection.