This past week things became a little strange.

Not that unpleasant, but I never want to think about this moment again as strange.

I just moved to college. Believe it or not, my brain was somehow shocked that I was heading off to Colorado.

This is strange. Why? Well, the college process is part of our lives for a very long time.

It begins early in our junior year when we take the SATS and start taking tours of various campuses. Senior year arrives and there is the long process of applying to all the places that you hope like you as much as you like them.

There is chatter in the hallways as you tell your friends where you’re applying and what you think your chances are. Then, there’s the long second semester when most everyone hears back. This is when best friends call each other up and explain how excited or sad they are because of the decision their dream college made.

Lastly, there’s the wait. The wait is from April until August — and it’s intense. As you say goodbye to your friends at graduation parties and other social events, the conversation is always the same: college.

Therefore, after this long journey, it just feels a little extraordinary to finally arrive at the University of Colorado.

CU’s a big school with more than 5,000 kids in the freshman class, so on move-in day, things were a little hectic.

The scene was incredible as families hauled boxes of clothes, TVs, snacks and other items that incoming freshmen deemed necessary to have. Siblings watched jealously as their older companions left the nest for bigger and better things. Parents tearfully set their children free, hoping they did enough to prepare them for the major transition into college.

RAs happily introduced themselves and informed students of their first formal meeting. This huge circus finally came to an end in the early evening as tired parents hugged their children and drove away.

There you are, left in a dorm room with a stranger, and you can’t help but be mixed with emotion.

Your parents left you in a whole new world where you only know a handful of people. It is a tad overwhelming.

But as you start talking to your roommate and find out you both like sushi and skiing, things start to feel better. The room across the hall from you is blaring your favorite song so you walk over and say hello. They happily invite you in and you start to bond and gradually life feels great.

Slowly, you are starting to immerse yourself into the culture of college.

The next two days are all about making new friends and learning your way around campus. You begin to see friend groups being made and couples holding hands. Life seems more normal again — although you are in a whole new world.

Things fall back to routine even though there is no real routine to follow. Everyone tries to play it cool and act like they have been here for months. Fortunately, it works, as the more you play along, the easier it is to feel comfortable in your surroundings. Call up your buddy and ask if he wants to go to the gym to play ball like it’s part of your everyday life or make plans to explore Pearl Street.

However, there was one thing that was on the tip of everyone’s tongue: the concert.

This year, the duo Chiddy Bang made its way to the CU campus on Saturday and brought a couple other bands. The excitement around campus was contagious as everyone was gearing up for a great night.

This was one of the last nights before classes and the CU student body was ready to have a good time. As the music started blaring, Farrand Field came alive. A huge wave of people surrounded the stage, dancing and enjoying the music.

Behind the cluster, less adventurous students stayed behind and listened to the tunes from afar. All in all, it was a great night for the campus that certainly welcomed students back in a big way.

My name is Alex Lasky and I am going to be chronicling my first year at CU in the Colorado Daily every Tuesday.

I am a passionate sports fan and can’t wait for the Buffs basketball and football games. I live in Farrand Hall and hope to be a full-time journalist someday.

Each week, I’ll be writing about all that’s interesting, fun, confusing, difficult and more about freshman year. I’d love to have your input, so friend me on Facebook or send me an e-mail about anything that you’ve noticed about CU or experiences you’ve had.

Reporting the good, the bad and the ugly — a Colorado freshmen.

CU freshman Alex Lasky’s “Joining the Herd” runs every Tuesday in the Colorado Daily. E-mail him at

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