I wish people would do their homework before they started attacking anything related to Islam and 9/11.

While I am not Islamic, and don’t necessarily agree with everything their religion teaches, I have nothing against this “mosque” they are planning to build near Ground Zero.

I’ll start with this: It’s not just, or only, a mosque. It is an Islamic community center, Cordoba House, with a prayer room for their followers, not too unlike that of chapels at hospitals. They openly state in their mission statement that they are there as a multi-faith organization to improve the tolerance and peace between religions and the general public.

The center, located a few blocks away from Ground Zero, not on it, is open to everyone, not simply the followers of Islam.

To tell people that they are not allowed to build because of its religious ties is completely unconstitutional. No one would ask this of a Christian church, so why are they so insensitive about it being a “mosque”?

Isn’t this America? Where we can believe in whatever we want — God, Allah, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the dollar ) and not have to be told that we are wrong?

This “mosque” is here to help prove that not all of Islam is here to be terrorists, as some people seem to think. They are here to help improve the ties between the ignorant and those who have been wrongly labeled.

To be going against this community center is going against our founding beliefs as a country.

Brittany Mabry


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