The Student Outreach Retention Center for Equity (SORCE) officially dates back to 1999 as part of a student movement on campus.

This movement led to the launching of SORCE as a cost center in 2004 through the University of Colorado Student Union (now the CUSG, or CU Student Government).

SORCE is dedicated to providing strategies to prospective college students so that they develop an action plan that results in a degree in higher education.

In our outreach work, SORCE works with middle and high school students in the metro (Denver and Boulder areas) to provide a higher education experience via campus tours, student panels, shadow visits, etc. SORCE tends to work with schools that have a high percentage of underrepresented students including those schools with high numbers of students of color and free/reduced lunch populations.

This outreach work has resulted in SORCE bringing hundreds of youth from middle and high schools to visit the campus each year. Through our retention work, SORCE provides programs and events for students on campus as well as resources and opportunities to connect with and build a network in which they are able to build a “home away from home.”

Essentially, SORCE’s retention efforts serve to provide a nurturing and holistic community during their development as students at CU.

SORCE is committed to building community on campus, as well as enriching under-represented communities off campus. We provide our resources and services to all students on campus.

SORCE is not an exclusionary cost center; however, by focusing our work on underrepresented groups — including students of color, students with disabilities, LGBTQI students, student parents, low-income, non-traditional and first generation students — we aim to eliminate oppression and discrimination in every social aspect in order to provide equity for all.

SORCE encourages all campus members to participate in our programming and we invite you to be a part of our efforts to enhance diversity on our campus and in our communities by learning more about our program as well as the range of advocacy and student-support centers available on campus.

Please come by our office to learn more about our program, meet other students/staff/faculty, and to help build your CU community.

To learn more about SORCE programs and upcoming events, and to find out how you can volunteer, visit

Victor Hernandez is the director of the Student Outreach Retention Center for Equity. This column runs every other Tuesday in the Colorado Daily.

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