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The crowd spills out of the Fox Theatre after a special sold-out show by The Killers last year.
Zak Wood
The crowd spills out of the Fox Theatre after a special sold-out show by The Killers last year.

It’s been a big summer of changes for Boulder’s music venues.

Some clubs joined forces, new concert halls popped up and venues that haven’t been used for awhile are being resurrected.

There’s going to be a lot of places to check out music this fall, so here’s your guide to navigating the changes:

Fox and Boulder theaters

Fox Theatre: 1135 13th St., Boulder

Phone: 303-443-3399


Boulder Theater: 2032 14th St.

Phone: 303-786-7030


Bet you never saw this one coming. The Boulder and Fox theater merged and are now jointly owned by the Z2 Entertainment Group.

The venues’ operators say this will mean less competition between the clubs and more music hitting Boulder. The rooms’ bookers say their goal is to provide the ultimate concert experience for music fans.

Brian Carp was the Fox’s general manager and he’s now the head of operations for both clubs — and he’s very excited about this fall’s changes.

“We’re going to bring the combined talents and energies of both venues to bring the best national touring and local acts to Boulder,” Carp said. “You’ll now be able to purchase tickets for either club at both venues. You’ll also be able to buy advance tickets for shows at the window.

“We’re going to be able to bring in a wider variety of acts and make Boulder a destination for them to come to. Our No. 1 focus will be on the fan experience and we’ll make sure the right bands play the right rooms.”

Carp said the venue merge will also avoid the duplication of similar music nights. The venues will also be expanding their entertainment horizons this fall.

“We have acts like The Walkmen booked for the fall at the Fox,” Carp said. “We’re going to try to do a lot more indie rock shows. We’ll also have our usual hip-hop and jam bands.

“We’re going to be doing more sit-down comedy shows to the Boulder Theater. There will also be a diverse amount of films there. And we’ll have really huge Halloween week shows at both venues.”


Where: 4413 N. Broadway, Boulder


The roving concert company Astroland made a name for itself with its spontaneous indie-rock shows.

Now Astroland has a permanent home at its new North Broadway location.

University of Colorado student Zack Roif and his friends developed the Astroland concept. The group was looking for ways to bring indie events to college-aged audiences.

“We created Astroland to be an arts space for all-age audiences and that focuses on perpetuating an indie culture in Boulder,” Roif said. “Our main focus is music, but we also have poetry readings and film screenings.

“We’re trying to fill a void in Boulder. There are massive theaters, but there’s no medium-sized place to see smaller bands play. We wanted to create a place where audiences can enjoy quality music they otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to.”

Astroland has been bringing in a wide variety acts and plans to expand its schedule this fall.

“Astroland is an affordable place to see music — and its all-ages,” Roif said. “The shows are usually $5-$10 and it’s on a sliding scale.”

Nomad Theatre

Where: 1410 Quince St., Boulder

Where: 303-443-7510


North Boulder isn’t your typical concert locale, but that’s about to change.

Travis Albright runs Silver Fox Productions and he just started bringing concerts to the Nomad Theatre.

“There were no small theaters in North Boulder that offered shows between 8 and 11 p.m.,” Albright said. “The Nomad Theatre has 155 seats and we’ll have a well-rounded booking schedule.”

The Nomad will offer pre-show happy hours at 7 p.m., and tickets will run between $8 and $20.

“For the intimacy of the room, the ticket prices are worth it,” Albright said. “We’re not about competing with the other venues in town and we will offer a free range of acts.”

Topo Ranch

Where: 1505 Pearl St., Boulder



Even local clothing stores are getting into the concert scene.

Topo Ranch is located on the Pearl Street Mall and the organic clothing store hosts a monthly First Friday concert.

“We’ve had all kinds of music here,” events coordinator Laurel Griffin said. “We’ve had punk, rock, indie and folk artists.

“We’re now starting to host artists that are doing national tours. There are so few local venues, so we’re supporting all kinds of music and always trying something new.”

This fall, the store will offer two or three shows a month. Music fans join the store’s mailing lists to find out about the shows.

CU venues

The CU Program Council’s planning a full schedule of fall concerts and looking beyond its usual venue roster.

Back in the day, the Glenn Miller Ballroom, Balch Fieldhouse and the Mary Rippon Theatre were the sites of top-name concerts. The venues haven’t been used for awhile, but that will change this fall.

“We’re exploring all options at CU,” Director Justin Greenstein said. “We’re looking at doing shows in the Glenn Miller Ballroom, because it holds 1,000 and it can be turned into a smaller size room, too.

“The Mary Rippon Theatre hasn’t been used since Ben Harper played there for Obama. We’re also looking at doing shows there.”

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