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Jaill plays the hi-dive in Denver on Tuesday.
Jaill plays the hi-dive in Denver on Tuesday.

Oh yeah, you’re going to want to go to Jaill this week.

Jaill is a rocking alternative band from Milwaukee that’s paid its dues for eight years. The group was recently signed to Sub Pop Records and now everybody’s finding out about this under-the-radar gem of a band.

Jaill will show off tunes from its new CD, That’s How We Burn, at Denver’s hi-dive on Tuesday.

If you go

Who: Jaill, with Girls Walk By

When: 7 p.m. Tuesday

Where: hi-dive, 7 S. Broadway, Denver

Cost: $8

“We have a pretty solid band lineup now,” bandleader Vinnie Kircher said. “We play psych-pop music. That’s a fitting genre, because I definitely write pop music with outerspacey, crazy sounds.

“We focus on good hooks and catchy songs, but they’re very atmospheric. You get to the meat of the song, but there’s always room for extra entertainment. You just don’t want to distract the listener.”

Jaill’s taken baby steps to build its career and its paid off.

The group was part of the Milwaukee garage band scene for many years, but it had a loyal following.

“It took a few people by surprise when we signed to Sub Pop,” Kircher said. “We didn’t get the local press that a lot of other bands got. I consider it an extreme stroke of luck that an A&R guy from the label read a blog we were in — and ordered our record from MySpace.

“Other labels did that, and they never got back. It was a long process, but we’re excited and bouncing off the walls.”

One of the first things Jaill had to do was change the spelling of its name. The Wisconsin band originally spelled its name Jail, but a German group had already scored the rights to that title.

“We liked the way the name sounded, so we just added that extra l,” Kircher said. “It was a fun name and a compromise we could make.

“We also worked extra hard to make our new record. We wanted to get people excited and moving when they heard it. I’m definitely a fan of poppy, fast-moving albums.”

Teen Hearts

Danceable electro-pop music is a hot commodity right now — especially if you’re MySpace’s best-unsigned band.

Just ask Orange County’s Teen Hearts.

Teen Hearts has been sitting on top of MySpace’s unsigned band chart for over a month and the act’s career is taking off. Monday, the group brings its catchy, upbeat tunes to Denver’s Marquis Theater.

Graphic designer Kelly Orr fronts Teen Hearts, and he does an amazing job creating the band’s websites, videos and merchandise. This might be the best-accesorized band in the electro pop world.

“Everyone in our band loves super fun music like Blink-182 or Goldfinger,” Orr said. “We’ve all been in other bands, so we were on the same page when we started Teen Hearts. We wanted to do fun, happy music.

“It took me awhile to form the band, but I had a formula in mind. I wanted the music to be pop, very dancey and fun. The biggest compliment is when people tell us our music got them through a tough time.”

Teen Hearts originally attracted younger fans to its fold, but the demographics for this band are quickly growing. The band’s huge number of MySpace hits is just fueling the fire.

“We are currently the No. 1 unsigned band on MySpace,” Orr said. “We’ve had over 6 million hits and we’re even above Owl City. That’s crazy.

“That’s opened up a lot of things for us. We released our CD, Best Kept Secrets, in July and people really started taking notice of the band. We’re getting better shows and album sales are going up.”

Orr has also been busy designing the new CD cover, plus the bands new colorfully designed T-shirts and merchandise.

You can check out all the Teen Hearts’ merch and music at the band’s live shows.

“Our live shows are really fun,” Orr said. “Sometimes we use silly string or throw water balloons. We just like to have a fun time and make it ‘dance party 2010.’

“We still want a label, but we’re making a point that you can be DYI, be an unsigned band — and get the job done.”

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