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From right, CU students Kara Gendron, Caitlyn Witte, Ali Warner and Andrea Moore soak up last years Program Council-sponsored New Student Welcome Fest on Farrand Field.
Mara Auster
From right, CU students Kara Gendron, Caitlyn Witte, Ali Warner and Andrea Moore soak up last years Program Council-sponsored New Student Welcome Fest on Farrand Field.

The University of Colorado’s Program Council has had a very busy year so far on the Boulder campus — and the student group’s gearing up for an exciting fall semester.

Last year, the organization hosted its New Student Welcome Concert with the red-hot Pretty Lights (who this month headlined Red Rocks), held on-campus advance screening of “MacGruber” with stars Will Forte and Ryan Phillippe, and debuted the environmental Earth Vibes festival.

Get involved

CU’s Program Council runs on student volunteers, and is always looking for more. To find out how you can help, call 303-492-7704 or visit .

Stay connected

In addition to listing and promoting campus events at, CU’s Program Council also keeps students informed at:

Wait until you see what Program Council has planned for this year.

Program Council has been bringing top-name musical acts, movies and special events to CU for more than 50 years. The student group handles its own booking, promotions, marketing and security for every event.

“Program Council is an entirely student-run organization dedicated to bringing the best entertainment to CU students,” Director Justin Greenstein said. “We have a history of bringing stadium shows, the Trivia Bowl and Welcome Back concerts to CU.

“We pride ourselves on having a high standard of entertainment. We’re extremely unique for a student group, because a lot of campuses only do a few events a year. We’re consistently providing concerts, films and events at CU.”

Program Council’s staff and volunteers put on more than 200 events a year.

“Program Council gives students opportunities that go beyond campus and it gives them a chance to really connect with the Boulder community,” Greenstein said. “We offer diverse events and we have something for everyone.

“A lot of students start off on the street team and learn about the organization. Everyone has something different to offer, and we have volunteer street team meetings once a week.”

On the Web

Greenstein and his staff have been busy implementing new promotional tools and adding shows to their concert roster.

“The Program Council website is new and fully operational,” Greenstein said. “This semester, we’re going to give students a lot more information, downloads and videos.

“We’re also going to be working with Facebook, where students will find out about discounts and free tickets. We’ll also be working with Twitter, doing giveaways and working more with student groups.”

Program Council has all the operations in place, so now the campus group’s gearing up for this semester’s concert and movie bookings.

“We have a really strong staff this year, and we’re going to take concerts and events to a higher level,” Greenstein said. “We’ll have about 20 shows this semester.”

Campus venues

Program Council plans to bring a wide variety of acts to the University Memorial Center’s intimate Club 156.

“Club 156 is primarily a rock venue, but we’re going to also have hip-hop and indie acts there,” Greenstein said. “We’ll have shows by national bands two to three times a month, and a lot of up-and-coming local acts.”

The group’s planning larger shows for the Glenn Miller Ballroom and the Mary Rippon Theatre this fall, as well. Those venues were used extensively in the past, but it’s been awhile since the campus group took advantage of them.

“We’re really exploring our options,” Greenstein said. “We made really good connections with agents last year and made them aware of all the opportunities at CU. We’re keeping our eye on a good range of shows.”

Movies and more

Last weekend, Program Council put on what’s generally its biggest event of the year: the students-only WelcomeFest concert on Farrand Field, which this year featured Chiddy Bang, Pnuma Trio, XV and local band Air Dubai.

Program Council will also continue its Friday night movie series in Chem 140. The campus group shows movies before they go to DVD. Program Council will also bring in sneak-preview movies from major studios.

“The nice thing about Program Council is that we’re starting to evoke what was reminiscent of earlier decades at CU,” Greenstein said. “Students are really starting to take notice, because they know that every show and event we bring in will be good.”

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