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CU sophomore Kelli Hargrove on campus Wednesday.
CU sophomore Kelli Hargrove on campus Wednesday.

Name: Kelli Hargrove

Year: Sophomore

Major: Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences

Hails from: Crested Butte

Q: Who’s your favorite vampire hottie?

A: Edward, because he’s just the sexiest.

Q: What’s your favorite shopping place on Pearl?

A: Urban Outfitters. They have really cute clothes, but they can be a little too expensive.

Q: Worst class ever?

A: Communication Disorders. The tests were so random and not on the material.

Q: Barbie or My Little Pony?

A: Power Rangers, actually — I have three brothers.

Q: What’s the best trait of the opposite sex?

A: Definitely sense of humor.

Q: Most hated fame whore on reality TV?

A: Snooki — she’s the worst!

Q: Worst clothing trend for guys?

A: Those tight, deep V-necks.

Q: 50 Cent or Jay-Z?

A: Depends on the day, but I like 50 Cent.

Q: Most ridiculous tattoo you’ve ever seen?

A: Someone had a squirrel on the inside of their thigh with it’s hand reaching up.

Q: Favorite cocktail?

A: I like rum, so Bacardi and Coke.

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