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CU senior Lance Heyward on campus Wednesday.
CU senior Lance Heyward on campus Wednesday.

Name: Lance Heyward

Year: Senior

Major: Sociology

Hails from: Earlysville, Va.

Q: What`s one word you can never spell correctly?

A: Supposedly.

Q: Heidi Montag — pre or post surgery?

A: Ugh, neither.

Q: Best bar in Boulder?

A: The Attic — free pool and awesome late-night happy hour.

Q: Favorite Harry Potter book?

A: Well, I`ve never read the books, so “The Order of the Phoenix.” I like the bird.

Q: Rockies or Broncos?

A: Redskins! McNabb all the way!

Q: What do you hate the most about the opposite sex?

A: When they all get together and gossip — and drama.

Q: Most embarrassing drinking moment?

A: Well, I fell in the creek a few times trying to cross it on a whim.

Q: Favorite MILF or older woman?

A: Carmen Electra

Q: Favorite class ever taken in college?

A: Social Deviance with Patti Adler.

Q: “Jersey Shore” girls or “The Hills” girls?

A: “Jersey Shore,” because I love Snooki. The poof wins.

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