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Hosea Rosenberg rolls out homemade tortillas for a test recipe for chicken tacos, a dish he intends to serve as part of his new venture, StrEat Chefs.
Hosea Rosenberg rolls out homemade tortillas for a test recipe for chicken tacos, a dish he intends to serve as part of his new venture, StrEat Chefs.

Hosea Rosenberg has a passion for cooking.

That’s how the local kitchen pro won Bravo TV’s “Top Chef: New York.”

The popular reality TV show pits top-ranked food pros against one another, and Rosenberg proved that he had the stamina, talent and smarts to become a “Top Chef.” The win made Hosea a hit in Boulder — and with the show’s loyal fans.

Now Rosenberg’s taking his love of cooking to the streets with his new StrEat Chefs endeavor. The company takes favorite street and comfort foods from around the world and brings them to the masses.

“I’m originally from New Mexico, but I moved to Colorado to attend CU,” Rosenberg said. “I studied engineering physics and I had an interest in astronomy. I was cooking in restaurants the whole time I went to CU and I loved it.

“I decided that I didn’t want to work in at office and be stuck behind a computer. Cooking was my passion, so I started apprenticing under a lot of chefs and picked up the basics.

“I worked a lot of long hours, but I really got into it.”

Rosenberg worked his way up the ranks of Colorado chefs and landed the executive chef position at Jax Fish House on Pearl Street. The cooking pro worked at Jax until 2009.

However, it was Rosenberg’s “Top Chef” win that set the pace for his future.

“Top Chef” is one of the top reality shows in the country. The competitors have to prove their culinary skills and face tough critiques from the judges.

“I was approached by someone casting in the area,” Rosenberg said. “I had to go through a lot of hoops to get on board and I had little time to prepare.”

Pressure Rosenberg had to make sure things ran smoothly at Jax before he headed off for New York, but that prepared him for the high-pressured show.

“The ‘Top Chef’ experience was really tough,” Rosenberg said. “You’re put in a position to cook against some of the best chefs in the country, but it’s such a great opportunity as a chef.

“You really had to think on your feet and survive the stress. I definitely had my high and low moments. It’s all about perseverance, thinking clearly and delivering your vision on a plate.”

“Top Chef: New York” also featured international competitors, and Rosenberg had to beat out two European chefs for the title.

“Winning ‘Top Chef’ was incredible,” Rosenberg said. “I was invited to cook all over the world, teach classes and make a lot of appearances. It was a dream come true.”

Rosenberg enjoyed his time in the spotlight, but he had several other projects up his sleeve.

The chef took time off to explore the world, and he checked out exotic locales in Hong Kong and Thailand. Rosenberg also got to witness the countries’ street food cultures.

Inspiration That was part of the inspiration behind Rosenberg’s new company StrEat Chefs. The mobile restaurant brings the chef’s street-wise culinary talents straight to Boulder locales, and serves up wallet-friendly comfort and gourmet dishes.

“I’d been thinking about starting StrEat Chefs for about a year,” Rosenberg said. “I’d been throwing around ideas and taking notes when I traveled. By the time I got back to Colorado I was ready to build a trailer and start the business.

“I loved the idea of having a restaurant that doesn’t have a permanent address. I also love the idea of handing the food to people and watching them try something new. This is a new way of dining out.”

Locals can order up everything from comforting mac and cheese to Thai street dishes via a StrEat Chef dining experience.

The trailer is limited to where it can serve food in Boulder, but Rosenberg has found select locations at Chautauqua Park and at local festivals.

“I wanted everything to be reasonably priced and serve restaurant quality food,” Rosenberg said. “We’re always changing the menu and the food is seasonal.

“With the Boulder ordinances we can’t drive around, so we have a fixed schedule of different locations we’ll be at. We go to office parks and private events, and this fall we’ll serve fans at CU’s stadium.”

Expanding Rosenberg hopes to operate several local trailers and expand his operations beyond Colorado.

“We want to prove ourselves in Boulder first,” Rosenberg said. “We’d like to be up on campus and in Denver in the future. The skies the limit.”

Rosenberg’s excited to grow StrEat Chefs, but he still has a few more dreams.

“I still want to open up my own restaurant,” Rosenberg said. “I’d also love to do more traveling and write a cookbook.

“For now, StrEat Chefs is my full time job.”

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