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'Men in Drag' ride the course during the 2009 Venus de Miles women s bike ride and provide mechanical support. This year s ride takes place around Boulder County on Sunday.
‘Men in Drag’ ride the course during the 2009 Venus de Miles women s bike ride and provide mechanical support. This year s ride takes place around Boulder County on Sunday.

If you love cycling, you’re in luck.

Boulder has three unique cycling events this weekend — and for one of them, you don’t even have to ride your bike. The races at the velodrome are just exciting to watch.

City of Boulder Parks and Recreation and the PLAY Boulder Foundation are hosting their first family-oriented night ride Saturday night, and the Venus de Miles will kick off a third year of its women’s ride around Boulder County.

Piqued? Check out the details below:

Boulder Nites Classic

Many cities have a big annual nighttime bike ride; Denver’s Moonlight Classic draws nearly 6,000 people, said Tim Shea, a PLAY Boulder Foundation board member. But organizers of the Boulder Nites Classic — which debuts Saturday — wanted to start a family cycling event on the streets of Boulder.

“We think this one has greater potential just because of the cycling-mad community that we live in,” Shea said. “But ours is definitely with family in mind. That’s part of the reason we’re starting earlier.”

The ride, which starts at 7:30 p.m., benefits the PLAY Boulder Foundation, a nonprofit parks and recreation advocate, the city of Boulder’s Youth Services Initiative and City Parks and Rec project EXPAND (Exciting Programs Adventures and New Dimensions). The event will have food, drinks, music and a raffle for prizes.

The 9-mile ride starts at the Twenty Ninth Street mall; organizers have arranged a rolling enclosure for the ride but ask participants to still follow the rules of the road.

“It’s super safe,” Shea said.

“I’ve got a couple of little kids myself, and they’re going to participate.”

When: Registration from 5:30 to 7:15 p.m. Saturday; ride starts at 7:30.

Cost: $15 children; $25 seniors; $30 adults; $75 families

More info:

Boulder 6

Boulder Indoor Cycling is hosting a particularly watch-able night of track racing Saturday.

The Boulder 6 is inspired by traditional six-day track races in Europe, said Ryan McFarling, of Boulder Indoor Cycling. But at Boulder’s velodrome, they do it all in one day.

“Over six days they do tons of events, but our highlight is going to be the Madison event,” McFarling said.

The Madison is a relay; a racer pulls a teammate up to speed on the track by grabbing hands and flinging his or her partner ahead.

“Definitely, it’s a spectator friendly event with a lively party atmosphere,” McFarling said. “Looking out from the mezzanine you can see everything.”

The event sold out last year, so organizers recommend picking up tickets early. Cost includes beer from Upslope Brewing, catered food and music.

When: 8 p.m. Saturday

Cost: $45; call BIC at 303-292-5464 to reserve tickets.

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Venus de Miles

Ladies only for this cycling event, please.

Unless you’re one of the mechanical-support riders in drag.

“Some of them get really jazzed up,” said Teresa Robbins, founder of the women-only bike ride. “It’s hilarious. One was Superwoman last year. One wore a coconut bra.”

For its third year, the Venus de Miles women’s bike ride has more than 1,700 participants so far, Robbins said. Online registration is closed, but you can still register for a 35-, 51- or 67-mile ride around Boulder County in person on Sunday.

There’s a lot going on before, during and after the race, including yoga, live music and a lot of food and drink, Robbins said.

The ride is a fundraiser for Greenhouse Scholars, a local nonprofit that provides scholarships and other support for college students who are high-achieving but under-resourced.

“We’re estimating $100,000 net to go to the nonprofit” from this year’s ride, Robbins said.

When: Sunday; the 67-mile ride starts at 7 a.m. Others follow at 8 and 8:45.

Cost: $115 in person, day of the event

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