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Denver's Josh Blue onstage at Comedy Works before he broke out big.
Denver’s Josh Blue onstage at Comedy Works before he broke out big.

Take a 20-minute drive to Madcap Theater in Westminster to see a show on a Friday. Make the trek the next night and you’ll probably find the same comedians on stage. But you’ll encounter a completely different performance.

“It’s an unscripted interactive show,” said Madcap co-owner and actor Russ Faillaci. “It’s never the same show twice.”

Madcap has cultivated a following with its fast-paced, character-driven improvisational show. The improv club has also cultivated a small group of performers, some of whom have been making things up on the spot together for more than 1,000 shows.

“There’s definitely a chemistry involved,” Faillaci said. “I equate it to being in a band together; we can read each other’s minds, at times.”

Among the staples Madcap uses are improv games such as “forward/reverse,” where actors create a scene, then have to do the scene backwards and forwards. Another, called “alphabet,” calls on the actors to create a dialogue on the spot where the first letter of each new word has to be alphabetically sequential.

“‘Dating Game’ is another staple of our show,” Faillaci said. “We create three characters based on audience suggestions, then we bring an audience member up, and they ask questions that the audience actually writes before the show. We just answer the questions in the moment.”

Madcap performs Thursdays through Saturdays each week. Find out more at

Campus laughs

On campus, the comedic minds that make up Left Right Tim have been entertaining audiences the past couple years. Formed in 2007 by a group of University of Colorado students, LRT has a standing Friday night gig in Hale Room 270.

Check out who’s in the lineup this fall semester by visiting them on Facebook at

Program Council, the university’s arts and entertainment organization, brings in stand-up comics most semesters, often to Macky Auditorium. Keep up with PC’s lineup, including its movie series and musical acts, at

Along with being one of the area’s premiere music venues, The Boulder Theater hosts stand-up comics and improv comedy performances on occasion.

Bob Saget’s stand-up routines come closer to his edgy role on HBO’s “Entourage” than his stint on the family-friendly “Full House” or “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” Saget is scheduled to play The Boulder Theater Nov. 4.

Or, if you like something a little to the right on the funny meter, self-proclaimed “faith-based” comic Kate Clinton is at the Boulder Theater on Sept. 24. For more details, check out

Road trips

If you’re up for a trek to Denver to get your laugh on, there are several options.

Comedy Works, with locations downtown at Larimer Square and south in Greenwood Village, is one of the region’s stopovers for national stand-up comics.

In the coming weeks, Jay Mohr, Richard Lewis, David Alan Grier and Margaret Cho are among the comics booked. Comedy Works’ New Talent Night, which takes place most Tuesdays at the Larimer Square club, launched Josh Blue. Visit for more information.

Wits End Comedy Club, in Westminster, is a proving ground for local stand-up talent. Find out more about Wits End’s weekly lineup at

For improv comedy down the turnpike in Denver, check out Bovine Metropolis ( and Impulse Theater (

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