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Andrew St. Cyr
Andrew St. Cyr

Name: Andrew St. Cyr

Year: Sophomore

Major: Economics

Hails from: Hinsdale, Ill.

Q: What’s the best beer in Boulder?

A: Hazed and Confused by Boulder Beer

Q: Date night: Twilight or The Notebook if forced by a girl.

A: Twilight, because vampires are kind of cool.

Q: Are you a Momma’s boy?

A: Yeah, I kinda guess you could say that.

Q: Beyonce or Megan Fox?

A: Beyonce because of her great dance moves.

Q: Do real men wear pink?

A: No.

Q: Growing up: Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel

A: Nickelodeon, Rugrats was the best.

Q: Most embarrassing classroom moment?

A: Freshman year I went to the wrong class for a week thinking it was my class.

Q: Beanie, or baseball cap?

A: White Sox baseball cap.

Q: Exams: Night before cramming or all semester studying?

A: A couple nights before studying.