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Julia Harris
Julia Harris

Name: Julia Harris

Year: Sophomore

Major: Communications

Hails from: Santa Fe, N.M.

Q: Growing up: Favorite Spice Girl?

A: Baby Spice, I wanted to be like her with her blonde pig tails growing up.

Q: What’s the best gift you’ve gotten from a guy?

A: My heart necklace, it was my Christmas present.

Q: One thing that’s happened in college your parents don’t know about?

A: Probably the many times I’ve gotten sick from drinking.

Q: Are you a daddy’s girl?

A: Yeah, I’d say so, but I’m not spoiled.

Q: Favorite study spot on campus?

A: Those bubbles in the library, they’re the best.

Q: “Silver fox”: Who’s the best?

A: George Clooney, he’s so dreamy.

Q: Most expensive item of clothing you’ve purchased?

A: A Coach purse, around $200.

Q: Boy bands: Backstreet Boys or ‘N Sync?

A: Backstreet Boys.

Q: Favorite Bath & Body Works scent?

A: Warm vanilla sugar, but they don’t make it like they used to anymore.

Q: MTV, or VH1?

A: Well, I never had cable growing up, but I’d say MTV because I never watched VH1.