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The Scissor Sisters play at the Ogden Theatre on Monday night.
The Scissor Sisters play at the Ogden Theatre on Monday night.

If you go

Who: Scissor Sisters with Casey Spooner

When: 8 p.m. Monday

Where: Ogden Theatre, 935 E. Colfax Ave., Denver

Cost: $30-$35.

The Scissor Sisters are back with their new CD, Night Work, and the band’s bringing the party to Denver’s Ogden Theatre on Monday.

If you’ve never seen this band, you’re in for a treat. The Scissor Sisters wrap up their brand of disco, glam rock, electro and pop beats into a non-stop, performance art stage show.

We’re talking plenty of glitz, dance grooves and fun.

“It’s hard to think that next year is the 10th anniversary of the band. That’s crazy,” singer Jake Shears said. “Since the beginning, we set out to get our ya-ya’s out, have fun and do performance art.

“We started out when the electro clash scene was blowing up in New York. We sounded nothing like those bands and that was to our advantage. We do our own thing.”

Shears loves to write music for the Scissor Sisters, but he feels the band’s performance is a huge part of the show.

“Music is the means to our performance,” Shears said. “I love singing and getting up in front of a crowd. We love to perform. First and foremost we’re showmen, and we love the impact our live shows have.

“The songwriting comes second to our performing. That’s our true love.”

In 2004, the Scissor Sisters broke into the mainstream with their hit “Take Your Mama.” The catchy pop song opened the way for serious radio play, international tours and key spots on major music festivals.

“To us, it didn’t feel like overnight success, because we’re a band that’s always progressing,” Shears said. “It was more of a steady climb wrapped in good reviews. It’s very important for us to be grounded and not swept away by celebrity culture.”

That’s why the Scissor Sisters took four years between records.

The band released Ta-Dah in 2006, but the Scissor Sisters scrapped their first attempt at a new record and had to start from scratch.

“We really didn’t take any time off. We’ve been working the entire time,” Shears said. “It was my mistake, as I didn’t let myself take a breather. I had nothing new to sing about or a new story to tell, so I knew we had to change things up quick.

“I bought a one-way ticket to Berlin and left three days later. I learned how to have fun again and not take things too seriously. Two months later I came back, and we banged out this record and had fun making it.”

Shears says he’s proud of Night Work and the new collection of songs.

“We made a record that was fun, playful and very sexy,” Shears said. “This is the kind of record you can put on at a party and not skip any of the songs. Plus, it’s a blast to play live.”

Shears hopes people will party to Night Work and see a deeper side to the band.

“People might think the Scissor Sisters are very bubbly and superficial,” Shears said. “Actually our music goes pretty deep and it’s very cutting.

“We’re very blatant about what we sing about. This album is about some pretty gritty stuff — it just comes in a bubbly sheen.”