“Top Chef” contestant Kelly Liken, shown in front of her Vail restaurant.

It’s Labor Day, but there’s no rest for the busy reality TV world.

Here’s what you need to check out this week in reality land:

‘Top Chef’ final four

“Top Chef” won the trophy for Outstanding Reality Competition Program at last week’s Emmy Awards, and the Bravo show’s living up to the title.

“Top Chef: Washington, D.C.” has been one of the most fast-paced, competitive contests in the show’s history. We’re talking backstabbing, alpha dog contestants and some out-of-the-box dishes.

That’s why everyone’s looking forward to Wednesday’s pre-finale show. As an extra perk for Colorado audiences, Vail’s Kelly Liken made the “Top Chef” final four.

If Liken can stand the heat and overcome the very manipulating Angelo Sosa, she could win this contest.

“Top Chef” threw lots of curveballs this season, and the kitchen pros got to cook for everyone from the CIA to astronauts. To up the ante, the season’s final shows will be held in Singapore.

Wait, there’s more “Top Chef” news: “Top Chef: Just Desserts” debuts Sept. 15 on Bravo.

‘America’s Next Top Model’

Fashionista alert — the new season of “America’s Next Top Model” starts Wednesday on the CW.

This season, the reality show steps into the world of high fashion. The contestants come from diverse backgrounds, and they’ll show off a variety of shapes and sizes.

The one thing they all have is attitude.

‘World of Jenks’

MTV pushes the boundaries with its reality shows, and the music network may have found a winner with “World of Jenks.”

The program features award-winning filmmaker Andrew Jenks and his search for inspirational, real-life stories. The documentary pro lives with the people he films and becomes part of their lives.

This season, Jenks explores the life of a recording artist, an adult with autism and a homeless teen. Then he lets the cameras roll for 24 hours.

This show could put the real in reality TV.

“World of Jenks” debuts Sept. 13 on MTV.

Who kissed off ‘Dancing with the Stars?’

We all know who accepted the new “Dancing with the Stars” challenge, but the list of celebs who declined is pretty interesting.

The short list that turned down the show include actor Sylvester Stallone, political maven Ann Coulter, billionaire Richard Branson, comic Tim Allen, the real Erin Brockovich and TV star Suzanne Somers.

These celebs were smart to turn down the gig, because that crew wouldn’t make it through the first cut.

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