The classic aviator jacket: Always a hot look.

Granted, it’s tough to think about fall jackets when it’s still blazing hot outside.

But it’s about time to go snag a cute one before the good ones are all gone.

This season, jackets are flying high. The aviator, the military jacket and the army surplus jacket are all on the top trend list.

When Amelia Earhart first got her leather bomber jacket, she slept in it for three nights to give the jacket a “worn” look. Her jacket and style has been popular for ages, but the aviator jacket is making an even bigger comeback this year.

But, lucky for us, we don’t have to sleep in the jacket, as many designers give the coats a pre-tattered edge.

Here are five styles of jackets to look out for this fall:

1 Aviator jacket

The aviator jacket is the jacket of the season, according to style experts. The hard-edged leather jacket has even been adapted to canvas and cotton by some designers. A modern twist on the timeless piece has extra large, fur-lined collars (preferably faux) and shearling seams. This sexy jacket shouldn’t just go with pants. Mix the toughness of it with a little femininity by sporting the jacket with delicate dresses or a pencil skirt.

2 Military jacket

Stylists this fall have put a chic spin on the traditional military dress jacket. This jacket should hug the curves with a more form-fitting look. Get one in leather, wool, cotton or even nylon — just make sure it has buttons, buttons, buttons. Embellishments such as shoulder straps, folded collars, crew collars, ruffles and zippers can vary, but the classic look of the chic jacket will go with just about anything.

3 Army surplus jacket

Unlike the military jacket, this jacket can be your purse with all its pockets. For this trend, which isn’t as form fitting as the military jacket, you can go to the Boulder Army Store and get one for far less than pricey designers offer. This style has been popping up on the runway in all forms, shapes, sizes and colors. Get a fitted hunter green jacket, a knit black drawstring jacket or a baggy, hooded canvas jacket. Whatever the style, the pockets will be aplenty.

4 Varsity jacket

You thought you escaped this one with high school. Well, guess what? Three cheers — it’s back! Trend reports are showing the varsity school jacket wants to go to college. But it wants to have a minor makeover first. The form-fitting jacket is looking a little minimalist — no letter, no pins, no name on the back. So continue to keep your high school one in mom and dad’s basement. Don’t embarrass yourself here.

5 Hooded blazer

The hoodie just grew up! It hit puberty and is ready to become a woman. While it may seem like a bit of an odd combination, the hooded blazer is actually a great look. With the comfort of a hoodie (and the hood for unforeseen snow/rain showers), the jacket also has the style and groomed look of a blazer. The jacket can be worn in any color and texture. This will dress up the hoodie/jeans look for class but will still have the cozy feel of the sweatshirt.

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