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  • Fire charges down the hill to Gold Hill as taken...

    Photos Greg Cortopassi

    Fire charges down the hill to Gold Hill as taken by photographer Greg Cortopassi at around 5 pm on Monday, Sept. 6, 2010.

  • The Boulder County Sheriff's Office on Thursday released the following...

    The Boulder County Sheriff's Office on Thursday released the following list of structures destroyed by the Fourmile Fire




Fourmile Fire officials opening parts of Mountain Pines subdivision at noon today (Sept. 12)


Dense development, rough terrain: Fourmile Canyon was prone to a catastrophic fire (Sept. 11)

First responder to Fourmile Fire: ‘It wasn’t a big deal’ (Sept. 11)

Passes to be distributed Sunday to Fourmile Fire evacuees (Sept. 11)

Fourmile Fire: A look inside the command center (Sept. 11)

Donation center filling up, volunteers want Fourmile Fire evacuees to pick up goods (Sept. 11)

‘Light demobilization’ planned on Fourmile Fire (Sept. 11)


Fourmile Fire is 56 percent contained; full containment possible in 3-5 days (Sept. 10)

Fourmile Fire has destroyed at least $76.8M in property (Sept. 10)

In the Fourmile Fire burn zone: Hard work ahead for firefighters (Sept. 10)

2,000 Fourmile Fire evacuees allowed home Friday (Sept. 10)

Fourmile Fire: List of homes and property confirmed destroyed (Sept. 10)

Boulder residents plan “rain dance” prayers for Fourmile Fire (Sept. 10)

Fourmile Canyon Fire prompted no overnight evacuations for city of Boulder residents (Sept. 10)

CU-Boulder monitors fire advisories, but no classes or events canceled (Sept. 10)


Fourmile Fire: Boulder on edge as winds gust to 64 mph (Sept. 9)

Boulder on alert: ‘You just don’t sleep well when a fire is over the hill’ (Sept. 9)

Fourmile Fire officials: Boulder residents west of Broadway should prepare for possible evacuations (Sept. 9)

Mandatory evacuation orders reinstated for Pine Brook Hills, Boulder Heights (Sept. 9)

Fourmile Fire: Blaze 30 percent contained, 169 homes have burned (Sept. 9)

Storefront set up for Fourmile Fire victims to get donated items (Sept. 9)


Fourmile Fire now state’s worst in history, with 135 homes destroyed (Sept. 8)

Fourmile Fire victims grapple with losing their homes (Sept. 8)

Fourmile Fire: Tragedy unites Gold Hill residents (Sept. 8)

Community meeting on Fourmile Fire draws calls for more information (Sept. 8)

Sheriff’s Office lists 140 buildings destroyed by Fourmile Fire (Sept. 8)

Fourmile Fire: Sheriff’s Office details emergency notification failure (Sept. 8)

Fourmile Fire: Jamestown Elementary to reopen, Gold Hill will stay closed (Sept. 8)

Fourmile Fire evacuees wait for answers, grapple with uncertainty (Sept. 8)

Sales of face masks, air purifiers increase as smoke stifles Boulder air (Sept. 8)

Fourmile Fire officials: Do not bring donations to fire stations (Sept. 8)

Boulder County seeks information on people evacuated due to Fourmile Fire (Sept. 8)

Boulder County sets up victim assistance center for those displaced by fire (Sept. 8)

Boulder businesses, organizations mobilize to help Fourmile Fire victims (Sept. 8)


BVSD opens fire help center for displaced students, staff (Sept. 7)

Fourmile Fire: Left-behind pets rescued from Sugarloaf (Sept. 7)

Fourmile Fire evacuees search for answers in Nederland (Sept. 7)

Dispatch tapes: Collision with propane tank sparked Fourmile Fire (Sept. 7)

Fourmile Fire: Boulder air quality still poor, schools cancel outdoor practices (Sept. 7)

Insurance association: Fourmile Fire evacuees should contact insurers now (Sept. 7)

Fourmile Fire: 92 structures lost, partial property list released (Sept. 7)

Fourmile Fire: How to get help / How to help (Sept. 7)


Families save few treasures in narrow escape from Fourmile Fire (Sept. 6)

Boulder-area residents open doors, hearts to Fourmile Fire victims (Sept. 6)

Fourmile Fire: Boulder County under smoke advisory, people urged to stay in (Sept. 6)

Fourmile Fire: Four firefighters among those whose homes have burned, 3,500 residents evacuated (Sept. 6)


A map of closures, known structure fires, and evacuations relating to the Fourmile Canyon Fire, near Boulder, CO from 9/6 to 9/7/2010 All areas in red are believed to be *mandatory* evacuation areas.

Note: Map is an open collaboration View Full Map

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