CU junior Hailey Van Orden on campus Tuesday. (David Kepner)
CU junior Hailey Van Orden on campus Tuesday. (David Kepner)

Name: Hailey Van Orden

Year: Junior

Major: Film studies

Hails from: Philadelphia

Q: Favorite teacher you’ve ever had?

A: Mrs. Ferrara, I had her for first and second grade, so I think because I had her for a while is why I liked her so much.

Q: Most hated trait in a guy?

A: Cockiness.

Q: One thing you’d never leave the house without.

A: Chapstick brand, chapstick, I’m addicted.

Q: Ever gotten in a chick fight?

A: Not yet, no one’s pissed me off enough.

Q: Christmas or Halloween?

A: Halloween for sure, I was Amelia Earhart a few years ago and I may be her again this year because I liked the costume so much.

Q: Did you watch the Video Music Awards this year?

A: No. I don’t have a TV.

Q: Biggest emotion that comes to mind with the wildfires in Colorado.

A: They make me sad! My brother was camping near the place it started, so I’m really glad he’s alright.

Q: Could you go a week without your cell phone?

A: Yeah, no one really talks to me anyway.

Q: Describe the perfect burrito.

A: From Chipotle of course, steak, black beans and a ton of hot sauce.

Q: What’s your biggest fear?

A: The end of the world.