CU sophomore Michael Isaacson on campus Tuesday. (David Kepner)
CU sophomore Michael Isaacson on campus Tuesday. (David Kepner)

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Name: Michael Isaacson

Year: Sophomore

Major: Business

Hails from: Bay Area, California

Q: Best Adam Sandler movie?

A: “Happy Gilmore.” He’s a badass in that movie and how he gets the third-grade teacher is pretty cool.

Q: WWE or UFC?

A: UFC, Roy Jones Jr. is the best.

Q: Favorite Power Ranger?

A: The red one.

Q: Best part of fall semester?

A: Syllabus week, there’s no homework and people still want to get together and party. There’s lots going on.

Q: Ever gone cow tipping?

A: Um, no. I’m from the Bay Area, usually rednecks do that sort of thing.

Q: Describe the perfect burger.

A: From In-N-Out Burger, double, double (two patties) animal style (lettuce, tomato, onions)

Q: Do you sleep on your side or your stomach?

A: My side.

Q: What’s the one musical you’ve actually seen all the way through?

A: I was dragged to “Wicked,” but I’ve also seen “Phantom of the Opera.”

Q: Favorite Boulder “pig out” spot?

A: Rush, ever since some chick told me my smoothie “looked good.” I don’t know how a smoothie “looks good,” it’s a blend of fruit. A.k.a. she was hitting on me.