The Kinetix plays the Fox Theatre on Friday.
The Kinetix plays the Fox Theatre on Friday.

Most local bands are trying to figure out how to get into Boulder and Denver venues, but the Kinetix have cracked the code.

This Denver band’s touring with top national and international acts, as proved by the Kinetix’s Friday date at the Fox Theatre with Australia’s The Beautiful Girls.

The Kinetix now have national management and booking. Plus, Flobots guitarist Andy Guerrero produced the band’s CD, Let Me In.

Adam Lufkin sings and plays rhythm guitar for the Kinetix, and he was happy to talk with the Colorado Daily about his up-and-coming band.

If you go

Who: The Beautiful Girls, with The Kinetix and Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad

When: 9 p.m. Friday

Where: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St., Boulder

Cost: $14-$17

Locals Only

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Q: How did the band meet?

A: We’re from all over the country and we met at the University of Denver. Members of our band were studying jazz or sound engineering.

We all played in the school’s groups and combos, but we really met at the bars. We hit it off and started jamming.

Q: What kind of rock is the Kinetix known for?

A: We never really had anything in mind when we started, but we knew the kind of music we liked, listened to and danced to.

We like dancey drumbeats, upbeat tempos, good lyrics — and we have a pretty soulful perspective of tying it all together. We like to get people to sing along and shredding guitar solos. We like to throw things in your face.

I’d label our music as funk, rock and pop.

Q: How has the band’s hard work paid off?

A: We started out playing house parties and local bars. Then we built up a following at Herman’s, the Gothic, the Bluebird and the Ogden.

It only took us about a year to play the theaters. We hustled putting up posters and promoting ourselves. The promoters saw we were hard-working.

Definitely, our success was based on word-of-mouth and people telling their friends.

Q: How did the band break out of Denver?

A: We became friends with the Flobots and they took us under their wing. We’re now with Steel Giant Management and everything’s falling into place.

We hustled and booked ourselves for the first few years, but now we’re with the Agency Group out of L.A. and we’re really pumped.

It’s all about patience and working as hard as you can.

Q: How did you get a Flobot to produce your CD?

A: We met Andy, and he said he wanted to produce albums and work with bands.

Andy helped produce our album and he really opened up our writing process. He made us more conscious about what goes into lyrics and all the parts. It was a real collaborative effort with all of us.

We have our fingers crossed about getting national radio play. Our album did peak at No. 47 on the iTunes rock chart and we’ve sold a bunch of CDs.

Q: What’s next for the Kinetix?

A: We haven’t been approached by labels, but we haven’t tried. We like trying to do it ourselves like the Dave Matthews Band. We want to wait until someone’s really interested.

This fall, we’ll be on tour with The Beautiful Girls. Then we go out with our good friends in Roster McCabe.

Everything that’s happening for this band is a dream come true. You have believe in yourself, make good music and never give up.