The fall reality TV season’s in full gear, so here’s the scoop on “American Idol” and reviews of returning shows:

‘American Idol’

“American Idol’s” not going down without a fight, so the producers have been shaking things up for the new season. The reality show’s set to re-vamp the judge’s table and its tiresome audition system.

“AI” announced that new judges have been picked and they will be revealed Wednesday at a special press conference. Speculations are running high, but it looks like the front-runners are Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

Will the duo be sitting at the judge’s table with Randy Jackson?

To up the ante, “American Idol” announced that contestants could now audition on MySpace. Welcome to the 21st century.

On the down side, contestants have to use the poppy, pre-approved “AI” songs and sing a cappella for the MySpace auditions. It does beat having a judge humiliate you on national TV!

I checked out some of the contenders at and it wasn’t pretty.

Stay tuned. I’m sure there are more surprises in “American Idol” world.

‘Top Chef: Just Desserts’

The new season of reality shows is going to have more knockdown punches than a pay-per-view boxing bout.

Last Wednesday, Bravo’s “Top Chef: Just Desserts” kicked off the reality battle and these pastry chefs are going for the jugular.

This show is all about the desserts, so the first chef down got booted for creating an unappetizing mousse. That’s when the dessert pros started showing their aggressive true colors.

The coming attractions featured major-league brawls that look like fights you’d see in the “Big Brother” house — not a professional cooking contest.

Yeah, we’re hooked.

‘Survivor: Nicaragua’

It looks like CBS’ “Survivor: Nicaragua” is going for the same feisty game plan to hook audiences.

Last Wednesday, the new season debuted and the contestants were immediately separated by age. The show suddenly became the battle of the quirky old-timers vs. the twentysomething crew.

The younger tribe’s already dividing into men vs. women alliances, and you could cut the tension with a knife. This is going to get interesting.

Add that to the new immunity idol rules and the “Medallion of Power,” and you have the potential for a very competitive “Survivor.”

That’s if you can comprehend all the new rules. I wasn’t sure whether I was watching “Survivor” or a re-write of the “Lord of the Rings” with all the “special powers” given to the “Medallion of Power.”

‘The Apprentice’

Last Thursday, “The Apprentice” returned to NBC.

This time around, Donald Trump brought in recession-challenged civilians and divided the teams into men vs. women.

Unfortunately, the men are clueless and the women are all sharks. Unless this show picks up the pace, this is going to be a very boring “Apprentice” season.

Please bring back “Celebrity Apprentice!”

Wendy Kale’s Reality Bytes column runs every Monday in the Colorado Daily.