Local Natives play the Fox Theatre on Tuesday night.

Gorilla Manor was a messy place to write songs, but living in the house was a defining moment for the Local Natives.

The band members named their current CD for the place where their new material was penned. The experience also helped the group mature and figure out where its music is headed.

If you go

Who: Local Natives, with The Love Language

When: 9 p.m. Tuesday

Where: Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St., Boulder

Cost: $14-$16

Local Natives made the right decisions, because the indie band is now a very hot commodity. The group’s five-part harmonies, dual drum and percussive parts and inventive swirl of genres are guaranteeing this act sold-out shows around the country.

Boulder gets to check out the Local Natives experience at the Fox Theatre on Tuesday.

“We’d all been together in bands for years and we’ve always worked really well together,” vocalist/guitarist Taylor Rice said. “All of us are songwriters and singers, but as we’ve gotten older, we’ve realized that the hardest thing is to find band members you like or can collaborate with.

“The one thing that became pretty apparent about the band were the vocals and the harmonies. We spend a lot of time around an acoustic guitar or piano doing the arrangements.”

Having five strong band members allows Local Natives to explore lots of sonic avenues. The music has an indie-rock feel, but percussive rhythms and lush production runs through the group’s intricate songs.

“Our music is so varied, because we’re quite collaborative,” Rice said. “Each song is influenced by each band member. If I bring a song in, the band will re-mold and shape it to a direction I didn’t see coming.

“We also use a lot of integrated rhythms and intricate percussive elements in all our songs.”

Local Natives have been together for two years, but Gorilla Manor is the band’s first full-length CD.

“We named the record after the place where we wrote the songs,” Rice said. “The place was a little messy, but we were all dedicated to moving in together to write this record.

“This was the place where we really found our sound, and it was the place where we decided to try and become professional musicians. Gorilla Manor is a record where the themes and landscapes are varied, and the lyrics are very experiential.”

The new CD is introducing Local Natives to a wide audience, but this band is already thinking ahead to the future.

“We’re just at the initial phase for writing the next record,” Rice said. “It’s exciting to see where we’ll develop as a band. We’ve traveled so much and matured as people.

“We’re hoping to delve into more sonically and try some new effects. We’re just going to push ourselves sonically.”

The proof of a really good band lies in the live shows, and Local Natives promises to deliver the goods to Boulder.

“The live shows are where we’re most natural as a band,” Rice said. “We feel very natural on stage, so our shows tend to be energetic, raw and intense. We enjoy connecting with the audience every night.”

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