Boulder singer-songwriter Kate Jaworski.

These days, artists don’t have to headline venues to get noticed in the music world. Lots of Boulder and Denver musicians are recording their material at home — and still getting national attention.

Boulder singer-songwriter Kate Jaworski has been hitting the smaller clubs in town, but she’s also been busy sending out her material.

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The local artist was just voted a regional finalist in the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest. Jaworski talked to the Colorado Daily about her music and trying to break into the national music scene.

Q: How did you go from theater to a music career?

A: I’m originally from West Virginia and I come from a musical family. My dad plays classical guitar and my mom songs. She says I was singing before I was 1.

I started out studying theater in college and from that went into lighting design. I ended up doing lights for bands and concerts. Listening to the music, I felt that’s what I should be doing.

Q: What made you move to Boulder?

A: Two years ago, I came out to Boulder. I completely fell in love with the town.

I went rock climbing and I loved the vibe of the town. I also felt I could be more creative here, so I just packed up and came here. It was one of the craziest things I’ve done.

I found an organic farm called Pastures of Plenty, and I started working for them and developing my music in town.

Q: How did you start getting gigs in town?

A: I started playing open mics at Conor O’Neill’s. I also started a band with three CU music majors called Drums and Guns. We were together for a year and it was awesome.

I taught myself how to book gigs, and I introduced myself to venues in Boulder and Denver.

Q: What kinds of music are you playing now?

A: My music is jazz, pop, blues and folk-based. I play the piano mostly and some mandolin.

When I went solo, I started getting gigs at different places and started writing different material. It felt really natural.

I’m also writing electronic music with DJ Dirt Monkey.

Q: What’s been happening with your career?

A: I’ve been playing a lot at the Blending Cellar, Laughing Goat and Johnny’s Cigar Bar.

I’ve been playing smaller venues. I get all these huge crowds, because I’m in the very supportive climbing community. My plan is to play bigger places.

My musical dream is to go on tour and play to audiences all over the world. I love traveling, performing and meeting people.

Q: How will the song contest help your career?

A: I got picked for the Southwest region to be in the final pool. I was one of 10 semi-finalists. I didn’t make the finals in the regional round, but I could still get Voter’s Choice. I’ll find out Oct. 1 if I made the cut.

This has definitely got my song “Gold Coins” out there, and it’s definitely been great for networking. Who knows who could hear my song?

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